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  • How To Pick The Perfect Polo Shirts For Your Branded Uniform

    Customised polo shirts are a staple work uniform item. From bar staff, to hotel cleaning staff, to electricians - custom polo shirt embroidery shows off their company logo - polos are one of the most versatile and cost-effective workwear items. Picking the right polo shirts for your business uniform depends... Learn More >
  • If it's not 1 thing, it's another - What on Earth is going on with pricing and supply chain?

    You must have noticed prices rising and product availability going down across almost everything you might wish to buy. You'll see it online and in shops whether you're buying fruit and veg, some new shoes or Christmas presents for the kids. XAMAX® can't speak for those product lines, but we... Learn More >
  • Creating Branded Uniforms For Your Company

    This is a XAMAX® "How To" guide to creating branded uniform with your company logo. We include advice on garments, colour choice and customisation techniques. This uniform guide is broken down into four simple steps. They're listed here and if you scroll further down, you will see a more in-depth... Learn More >
  • Work Uniforms vs Casual Dress Codes: What is best for your business?

    Wondering about implementing a new work uniform policy into your business? Or simply just thinking about changing your current one? This article outlines the benefits and drawbacks of kitting your team out in uniforms or introducing a casual dress code. See which one works for you. Learn More >
  • Should I opt for a Raglan Sleeve or a Set-In Sleeve?

    There are 2 main types of sleeve used on upper body garments: Set-In and Raglan. You'll find both styles on garments such as T-Shirts, Polos, Sweat Shirts and even jackets. You may be wondering what the difference is between Raglan and Set-In, and trying to decide which one is right... Learn More >
  • Your Workwear Supplier Should Ask You These Questions Before You Order (or you should ask yourself)

    It is important to let your supplier understand what you NEED. Personnel managers do not order uniforms daily so they tend not to understand what to ask. XAMAX® customise and supply company uniforms day in, day out, so we know how to help you get what you need at the... Learn More >
  • How To Encourage And Manage Employee Uniform Responsibilities

    When you issue uniform to your staff, employees will have a responsibility towards the uniform garments you provide, Whether that responsibility is specified within their employment contract, within the uniform policy itself or simply implied. A main responsibility is that employees must treat, handle, and launder their uniforms properly, so... Learn More >
  • Why You MUST Wash Your Company Uniform Before You Wear It

    So you received your new company uniform. Looks good right? All bright and new and clean... but is it? No, not really. There are a lot of industrial processes that go into getting your uniform onto your back, and the very last one, washing it, is your responsibility. Here's why... Learn More >
  • How Can I Claim Tax Back For Washing my Work Uniform?

    If your employer states you have to wear one, you can generally claim tax back for washing uniform. Read on for further explanation as how much you can claim and even if you can claim may depend on your job role and how the uniform is paid for. PLEASE NOTE... Learn More >
  • Is Customised Work Uniform REALLY Worth It?

    What is the point of buying a custom work uniform for your staff? Is it just an extra expense and a hassle you could do without? There are actually many benefits to kitting your staff out in a uniform that will positively impact on your business and deliver a genuine... Learn More >
  • What Should a Door Supervisor Wear?

    A door supervisor's role involves a lot more than standing in front of a door. Licences require extensive formal training in areas as far reaching as civil and criminal law, health & safety, conflict management and physical intervention. No longer just a "doorman" or a "bouncer", modern day door staff... Learn More >
  • Staff Uniform: Policy Guidelines For Employers

    Don't get caught out when providing your staff with work uniform. There are policy guidelines that you should follow relating to reporting, National Insurance and tax to avoid contravening any government regulations. PLEASE NOTE: This article is for informational purposes only. This article is not Tax advice, nor are your tax... Learn More >
  • 5 Reasons Your Office Uniform Policy Isn't Taken Seriously

    Do you have that one employee who shows up to work in a torn uniform most days or forgets their company bespoke branded polo once a week? You may have another employee who wears wholly inappropriate shorts with their company branded t-shirt, even though they are supposed to wear a... Learn More >
  • Should I Invest In Driver Uniforms? 8 Benefits To Consider

    From a company polo shirt to a branded coverall suit, it is important to consider these benefits when investing in a driver uniform for your company. Learn More >
  • Why are Cardigans Suitable for Office Staff?

    Introducing cardigans for office staff to your workwear uniform is a brilliant way to bridge the gap between employees wearing their own clothes and the business gaining the benefits of a uniform. You may wonder why this is the case, read on to find out. Learn More >
  • 6 Simple Steps To Creating A Staff Uniform Policy That Complies

    When it comes to creating a uniform policy, it's easy to worry about complying with regulation and keeping staff happy in order to avoid any backlashes in morale, productivity or staff retention. For ease, here are our 6 simple steps to creating a staff uniform policy that complies with regulation... Learn More >
  • Kitting Out Your Drivers in Spring: Outdoor Workwear Checklist

    Now that the long, cold winter is finally coming to an end, it's time to think about spring workwear for your drivers. Just because your drivers aren't as exposed to the elements as outdoor workers are doesn't mean their workwear is any less of a priority. Drivers often work long... Learn More >
  • How Often Should I Replace Staff Uniform?

    The length of time a staff uniform lasts before needing replacement will vary widely depending on the industry or sector. But wearing out is not the only consideration for change - perhaps you are having a rebrand of your business. Typically, roles within manual industries with a staff uniform policy... Learn More >
  • How to Approach A Dress Code Violation

    That one girl in accounting keeps coming to work with her underwire practically showing and you wonder if she realises. She’s teetering on heels that were made more for a night out than for a day in the office, and then there’s the guy in the IT department with the... Learn More >
  • How Company Uniforms Improve Teamwork And Increase Brand Awareness

    If you want to improve teamwork and increase brand awareness, a new company uniform will definitely help. This post outlines why in one easy 2 minute read. And it doesn't really matter what sector you are in, a uniform can really help improve your business. Your Company Uniform Will Improve... Learn More >
  • What To Avoid When Choosing A New Business Uniform

    Choosing new business uniform is a major decision in any company and getting it right is a huge priority. With the increasing difficulty of getting approval and budget sign off, it's vital that the transition goes as smooth as possible and with minimal issues. We've put together the following list of thing... Learn More >
  • The Law & Company Uniforms When It Comes To Religion

    We are in a respectful, multicultural and non-discriminatory age. Everyone is expected to be kinder to each other, and those that refuse to be, are taken to task by the law. This is no bad thing - we are moving towards a better world with a brighter future - but... Learn More >
  • How To Refresh Your Uniform Policy in 7 Easy Steps

    So you implemented a staff uniform policy a little while ago and are considering updating it. You want to make sure your employees look their best and feel their best when they're at work but you've either outgrown your policy or your dress code just doesn't sit right. So, whether... Learn More >
  • What's The Law On Company Dress Codes?

    In short, all people who work at your company must be treated equally in terms of dress codes. That covers differences in gender, physical attributes, age, religion and anything else covered under the Equality Act 2010. Read on for further explanation on the law on company dress codes. Image Credit... Learn More >
  • Staff Uniform Policy: Where to Start...

    You may be responsible for developing and maintaining HR processes, hiring new staff or are in a role where understanding employee needs at a high-level are essential. If you work in HR or personnel, you may need to develop a staff uniform policy for your organisation at some point - but... Learn More >
  • Keeping Your Branding Campaign "On Message": The Benefits Of Branded Uniforms

    Maintaining the effects of a branding campaign is just as important as planning one if it is to be successful in the long term. So, who's to say that your branded uniforms cannot help with that?   In short, your uniform goes hand-in-hand with your campaign's effectiveness and can provide the following... Learn More >
  • Does Management Uniform Remove Company Hierarchy Issues?

    This post looks into what the detrimental effects of hierarchy issues could be within a company and what often causes them, before then explaining how management uniform can be used to alleviate and solve the problem and remove any issues. How, Why & When Does Company Hierarchy Become An Issue... Learn More >
  • Can One Company Uniform Suit All In Creative Offices?

    Creative offices are unique. Your employees aren't anything like bankers or fast food workers, where uniforms are heavily imposed with no leeway whatsoever. You don't want to impact the level of creativity within your workforce either, as their productivity and morale might increase when they're wearing casual clothing. However, uniforms... Learn More >
  • How To Use Embroidered Knitwear To Create A Uniform Look

    We write about the benefits of workwear quite often, here on the XAMAX® blog. Something which doesn't always get the wider recognition it deserves is embroidered workwear for in the office. In particular, embroidered knitwear. Here's a quick read about the benefits and options when it comes to your next... Learn More >
  • Why You Need A Uniform Complaints Procedure

    While a uniform policy can have many benefits in the workplace, not every employee is going to be pleased with the changes all the time. That's an issue that can be fixed immediately with a sound complaints procedure. When you allow employees to provide input for the new uniform policy... Learn More >
  • Why You Need A Dress Code In Your Workplace

    There was a time when a formal dress code was not absolutely needed in businesses, offices and shops - wearing smart attire for work was culturally implied, regardless of the job. From the Victorian era, right through the first half of the 20th Century, people opted for formality as a... Learn More >
  • Can a Staff Uniform Improve Teamwork?

    If you are looking to improve unity in the workplace, implementing a staff uniform may be the answer. The decision to put your staff into a well designed branded uniform should not be taken lightly. However, there are many benefits to making that leap. You need to consider the time... Learn More >
  • Do You Know the Benefits of a Workplace Uniform?

    Enforcing a new workplace uniform policy can cause a negative backlash from your employees. They may feel these new rules are being forced upon them for no reason. It is important to help your staff understand the benefits of adopting a new uniform can have. This will not only help... Learn More >
  • How Do Company Uniforms Boost Authority?

    Besides marketing, what other benefits can company uniforms bring to your business? The short answer is authority.  Which is obvious when you look at the photo of West Yorkshire Police Officers in Uniform above (credit: West Yorkshire Police). In short, equipping your business with branded workwear can enhance internal and... Learn More >
  • How to Write a Uniform Policy Letter

    In order to implement a uniform, you need a uniform policy letter. Studies show that uniforms enhance a number of things such as your company’s image, security on site and team unity. The best way to get your employees on board is by making them part of the process. You... Learn More >