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Hand Protection

  • Anti-Vibration Gloves: Do They Work?

    The invention of Anti-vibration gloves were a gift from the PPE Gods for workers who use automatic equipment such as pneumatic tools, rivet guns, jackhammers, etc. As more and more tools became powered, there were more and more vibration injuries reported in the workplace. Many brands offer different protection for... Learn More >
  • 3 Steps to Hand Safety in the Workplace

    Hand safety in the workplace is one of the most important aspects of Health & Safety. 40% of workplace accidents involve a worker's hands and 70% of hand injuries occur because the worker has removed their safety gloves. Staggering, isn't it!? Keeping your workforce's hands safe is everyone's responsibility, and... Learn More >
  • How to Safely Remove Disposable Rubber Gloves - 6 Step Graphic

    You need to know how to safely remove your disposable gloves without contaminating yourself - otherwise what's the point of wearing them in the first place? Unless you learn the procedure to taking off your single use gloves safely, you are putting your hands and health at risk. That's the... Learn More >
  • Cut Resistant Gloves & Sleeves - How to Choose the Correct Protection Level

    In 2016, new cut resistance ratings for anti-cut gloves and sleeves in the EN388:2016 standards were announced, and in 2019 these standards began to find their way into PPE product. You will likely be familiar with Cut 1 - 5 resistance levels, but these are now deprecated. The EN388:2016 cut... Learn More >
  • Rigger Gloves - everything you need to know before you buy

    It is possible that rigger gloves are not the best option for you or your staff, so here is what you need to know before buying rigger gloves. Construction workers, landscapers, forestry workers, warehouse operatives, engineers and even road-workers need different types of gloves due to the safety elements featured... Learn More >
  • How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Outdoor Work Gloves

    Gloves are a useful tool that many people often overlook when putting together an outdoor work uniform. There are many different types and styles made from a variety of different materials to choose from - you'll be surprised. From man-made materials to real leather and performance styles to models with... Learn More >
  • How To Pick Glove Ratings: Our Guide To EN-Standards

    There are several types of gloves available to purchase for a reason. You should avoid making the mistake of assuming that any type of glove can be used for any type of work you undertake, as this can bring its own set of dangers. That's why gloves are rated into... Learn More >
  • Nitrile VS Latex Coated Gloves: Which is Best?

    When searching for work gloves, nitrile coated gloves, and latex coated gloves are popular options, but which is best? Before we begin with the merits, let's discuss the properties of latex and nitrile themselves. What is each substance made with, and what's its purpose? Does one fare better than the... Learn More >