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Footwear & Foot Protection

BSiF LogoSafety footwear and Foot protection comes in many forms, depending on the hazards that you most often meet while going about your business. Whether you are at risk of having an object fall onto your foot, a vehicle crushing your toes, a sharp object penetrating the sole, or you are more concerned about slips on spill hazards, Xamax has a guaranteed safety footwear solution for you. There are many PPE safety foot protection products around and they all deal with different hazards or a combination of potential risks in order to make life at work as safe as it can possibly be.

Footwear is an important aspect of workwear, with many different industries insisting on specific PPE standards and footwear ratings for safety purposes and myriad jobs requiring different shoes, boots, and wellingtons for comfort and practicality too. Whatever the footwear requirements of your sector, Xamax has the solution for you to allow you to go about your job in the suitable attire.

You will find a range of styles, types, and sizes available, each with different features that help you complete your tasks without having to worry about protection of your feet from hazards in the workplace or the weather or site conditions.

Whether you need a sturdy standard pair of boots to wear at work, waterproof boots for outdoor tasks when you need to keep the elements out, or safety boots that meet the latest strict guidelines, search boots at Xamax. You can also find dealer boots that provide protection during your shift whilst also looking stylish. In addition, there are hiker boots that are as perfect if you are heading off into the hills for pleasure as they are for working on rough terrain.
Our safety footwear range also runs the whole spectrum including lightweight safety trainers, shoes, rigger boots, steel toe cap footwear, wellies, and more. Each is designed to provide comfort to the wearer whilst also offering supreme protection when going about your work. You can find out the safety standards that each item of safety footwear meets in the individual product descriptions.

You can also pick up work shoes that look smart whilst worn at work in offices, retail, and other customer facing sectors. Xamax also stocks a range of different wellies in the footwear department, both safety wellingtons for when the job requires that protection and standard wellies used by those in agriculture or who work out in fields and countryside environments.