Thermal Protection Gloves

Conquer the cold while maximising employee productivity in the workplace with this range of thermal gloves. Specifically crafted to withstand extreme cold conditions, these gloves offer unparalleled warmth without hindering your work performance. From warehouses to construction sites, our thermal gloves provide a crucial barrier against low temperatures. Designed for durability and comfort, they ensure that you can stay focused and keep your hands agile even in the harshest work environments. Elevate your on-the-job comfort and efficiency with our dependable thermal gloves.

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  1. Orange/Black
    Portwest Thermo Pro Ultra
    Best Price: £7.80Inc VAT£6.50Exc VAT
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  2. Black/Yellow
    Portwest PW3 Winter Glove
    Best Price: £10.77Inc VAT£8.97Exc VAT
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  3. Grey/Black
    Portwest Anti Impact Cut Resistant Thermal Glove
    Best Price: £12.08Inc VAT£10.07Exc VAT
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  4. Navy
    Portwest Thermal Liner
    Best Price: £1.92Inc VAT£1.60Exc VAT
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  5. Blue/Black
    Portwest Thermo Pro Glove
    Best Price: £5.51Inc VAT£4.59Exc VAT
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  6. Yellow/Black
    Portwest Thermal Soft Grip Glove
    Best Price: £1.81Inc VAT£1.51Exc VAT
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  7. Yellow/Blue
    Portwest Cold Grip Glove
    Best Price: £2.88Inc VAT£2.40Exc VAT
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  8. Orange/Black
    Portwest Thermal Grip Glove - Latex
    Best Price: £1.81Inc VAT£1.51Exc VAT
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  9. Yellow
    Portwest Arctic Winter Glove
    Best Price: £3.76Inc VAT£3.14Exc VAT
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  10. Black/Orange
    Portwest Wintershield Glove
    Best Price: £2.79Inc VAT£2.33Exc VAT
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  11. Black
    Portwest Apacha Cold Store Glove
    Best Price: £16.19Inc VAT£13.49Exc VAT
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