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Workforce Management

  • How Can I Claim Tax Back For Washing my Work Uniform?

    If your employer states you have to wear one, you can generally claim tax back for washing uniform. Read on for further explanation as how much you can claim and even if you can claim may depend on your job role and how the uniform is paid for. PLEASE NOTE... Learn More >
  • Christmas Work Uniforms: A Marketing Opportunity

    Christmas comes but once a year, and with it comes a golden marketing opportunity using seasonal employee uniform. You already know that a branded uniform or workwear helps build your brand identity, but at Christmas you have the chance to really stand out from the competition. You have an opportunity... Learn More >
  • Why Employee Complaints Are Actually A Good Thing

    "This process is inefficient" one employee might say. Another might complain, "I can't get anything done in the office when the music is blasting." A third might say, "I didn't like how this manager handled my complaint." Another employee might declare, "My workwear is uncomfortable and doesn't suit me... I... Learn More >
  • Habits of a Professional & Productive Team

    If you want to boost productivity and make your team more efficient at work, here's the key 8 habits of a professional and productive team. From organisation to appearance, all teams who work well together have these habits as part of their daily routine. Happiness is a productive workplace They... Learn More >
  • How to Develop Respect and Loyalty in the Workplace

    Developing and maintaining high standards of employee respect and loyalty in the workplace is a common struggle that many HR Managers & Business Owners have to contend with all too often. It is easy to identify some issues within the workplace. But we often leave this unaddressed, which can cause... Learn More >
  • Simple Techniques to Motivate Your Employees

    A supportive office culture is the main way to motivate your employees. In the UK, people are happiest when they earn £37,000 because this allows them to achieve the best work life balance without feeling stressed. Although your employees need a liveable salary, many admit that having a job they... Learn More >
  • What is the Gender Pay Gap in the UK and How Does it Affect Construction?

    In April 2018, companies in the UK were required to report their gender pay gap. The construction industry, especially, not appearing in a great light. The report showed that almost eight in 10 companies and public sector bodies pay men more than women and in nine out of 17 sectors, men earn an... Learn More >