Glove Accessories

Glove Accessories are supplementary products designed to enhance the functionality and comfort of your gloves. This category includes products such as glove liners, wrist supports, and glove clips. Glove accessories are essential for workers who require additional comfort, warmth, or support while wearing gloves. These accessories help to prolong the lifespan of your gloves and improve their effectiveness, making them a valuable addition to any PPE kit.

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    Portwest Metal Free Glove Clip (pk40)
    Best Price: £69.05Inc VAT£57.54Exc VAT
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  2. Green
    Portwest Quick Connect Clips (x3)
    Best Price: £23.75Inc VAT£19.79Exc VAT
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  3. White
    Portwest Assembly Glove (360 pairs)
    Best Price: £88.78Inc VAT£73.98Exc VAT
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    Portwest String Knit Liner Glove (288 pairs)
    Best Price: £90.42Inc VAT£75.35Exc VAT
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    Portwest Glove Tensioner (pk50)
    Best Price: £17.26Inc VAT£14.39Exc VAT
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    Portwest Glove Clip (pk40)
    Best Price: £97.82Inc VAT£81.52Exc VAT
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