Half Masks

Half Masks are a crucial form of respiratory protection for workers who need to be protected from inhaling dangerous airborne particles and fumes. Designed to cover the mouth and nose, they can be used in a range of industries, including construction, woodworking, and chemical manufacturing. Half masks are available in a variety of designs and filtration levels, and can be comfortably worn for extended periods of time. Compliant with industry standards, they’re a reliable and effective means of respiratory protection.

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  1. Black
    Portwest ABEK1P3 Ready to use Half Mask
    Best Price: £48.44Inc VAT£40.36Exc VAT
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  2. Black
    Portwest A2P3 Ready to use Half Mask
    Best Price: £40.77Inc VAT£33.97Exc VAT
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  3. Blue
    Portwest Silicone Half Mask
    Best Price: £26.84Inc VAT£22.37Exc VAT
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  4. Grey
    Portwest Geneva Half Mask
    Best Price: £22.49Inc VAT£18.74Exc VAT
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  5. Grey
    Portwest TPR Half Mask
    Best Price: £23.52Inc VAT£19.60Exc VAT
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  6. Blue
    Portwest Auck Half Mask Kit
    Best Price: £39.62Inc VAT£33.02Exc VAT
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  7. Blue
    Portwest Auckland Half Mask
    Best Price: £12.14Inc VAT£10.12Exc VAT
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