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What Should a Door Supervisor Wear?

A door supervisor’s role involves a lot more than standing in front of a door. They manage crowds and queues, check tickets, patrol venues, keep an eye on behaviour and deal with conflict. Also, part of their role is to cooperate with emergency services should an emergency arise. With so many duties, door supervisors need to stay safe. What should a door supervisor wear?

Working as a door supervisor can be a dangerous role. Appropriate PPE dictates that workers must wear whatever protects them from hazards on site. This also applies to door supervisors. Specific venues give door supervisors a dress code on what they can and cannot wear. Clothing is available that not only fits in with the uniform policy but will keep them safe.


The work a door supervisor undertakes means they do not need safety hats you see on construction sites. However, wearing hats on the job is a good way to stay safe and not break the dress code either.

Warm wool hats are beneficial for door supervisors. They mainly work in the evening when the weather is colder. A hat allows them to remain in the cold environment for a long time, compared to putting themselves at risk of developing a cold-related illness or injury.

It is important to consider the material of the hat. If there is rain, cotton is not the best option as insulation is lost. However, wool keeps its insulation qualities. In the heat and during the summer, a hat is unnecessary. When there is plenty of light, make sure to keep the eyes protected. When choosing appropriate eyewear as part of their uniform, they should opt to use polarised lenses.

Upper Body

Shirts and ties are the typical uniform of a door supervisor. In most cases, the shirts are often white and half-sleeved along with a black tie. However, in colder conditions it could be more beneficial to wear a long-sleeved shirt to protect your forearms from the cold weather. Door supervisors should also consider what to wear underneath their shirts, such as thermal vests, as they help door supervisors stay warm.

Safety gloves are also an option for door supervisors.They might come in contact with sharp objects and hazards when working. Cut-resistant gloves and sleeves are also available.

Door supervisors use high visibility jackets and vests. They do not give physical protection, but they make door supervisors noticeable. Also, they allow door supervisors to keep their equipment in many pockets.

In more severe cases, PPE equipment such as kevlar vests provides additional safety when on the job. Bodywarmers and fleece jackets are worn underneath the high-vis equipment to offer additional protection.

Lower Body

Door supervisors need to appear professional, but they also need to remain safe. Black uniform trousers or action trousers that offer additional pockets to store any equipment are a good way to look professional.

While it is not a necessity, door supervisor clothing might also feature thermal trousers and/or socks in colder conditions for when they need an extra layer of insulation.

Also, a door supervisor needs to have the right shoes. Boots and trainers are off limits, but there are plenty of smart, durable and safe options for them to wear. Safety shoes include a slip and oil resistant outsoles and steel toe caps, just in case they face any danger when on the job.

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It is important that door supervisors are ready for all types of weather. If the weather starts to become cold, they need warm hats. Door supervisors also need to remain professional but safe. Safety or cut resistant gloves will provide them with safety from hazards they may encounter. Boots and trainers cannot be worn as part of their uniform however safety shoes are available.