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How To Use Embroidered Knitwear To Create A Uniform Look

We write about the benefits of workwear quite often, here on the XAMAX® blog. Something which doesn't always get the wider recognition it deserves is embroidered workwear for in the office. In particular, embroidered knitwear. Here's a quick read about the benefits and options when it comes to your next office staple.

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The Traditional View

A common myth is that corporate clothing or business workwear is never as stylish, high quality or as comfortable as regular office clothing. Ask many office workers about the idea of branded company clothing they could wear to work and they will have visions of boxy, short sleeved, poor quality shirts with an embroidered company logo on the chest.

But things have moved on from the stereotypical image of the standard branded work shirt, which usually evokes the image of a Royal Mail postie or construction site manager.

Now, thanks to more and more corporate companies using branded clothing for their office staff, an ever increasing range of office wear is available. In particular, and very relevant for this time of year, is embroidered cardigans and other pieces of knitwear.


The Benefits Of Embroidered Office Clothing

There are countless benefits to issuing staff with their own company branded clothing, be it embroidered or printed, which also apply to office based teams as well as those which more typically receive company clothing.

The core benefits are that it presents a professional and unified front, both inwardly and externally.

An impressive, well-maintained and well chosen range of company clothing will wow would-be customers into choosing your company to do business with. It creates a powerful first impression which can make future negotiations progress a lot more smoothly than if your team appeared in a mismatched rag-tag company outfit.

The initial first impression and type of person that an employee is, when they first meet a prospective client, is one centered around the business and its brand. It's the business which is involved in the first impression and therefore leaves a lasting mark.

However, with tactfully chosen office wear items and uniform rules, individual employees can still express themselves. But they can do so safe in the knowledge that a common theme between two different employees is the professional and shared presentation of the company.

This creative yet professional approach will make your company stand apart from the competition.


Successful Examples

There are many successful examples you could follow of companies who have blended company clothing with general office wear.


Westpac bank, Australia, have a wardrobe of items to choose from, designed by Carla Zampatti. Image Credit.

This can be done by providing, for example, a range of three pieces of knitwear or office clothing, embroidered with the company logo in a subtle way, and issuing a policy update which states one piece of company clothing must be worn. So, an employee could wear an embroidered Oxford button down or sleeveless blouse, along with their own trousers or jumper.

Or, in winter, a company embroidered cardigan or knitwear jumper could be worn alongside regular high-street or personal business clothing.

Slightly more adventurous is to issue staff with, or provide a selection of, a range of possible branded office clothing options. Staple items could be issued free of charge (read more about the best practices when it comes to charging for or issuing uniform in this blog post) and a selection of additional items could be purchased by staff from a dedicated portal on a site like ours here at Xamax.

This would mean that employees can all choose their own clothing, but from a specified selection, so will be connected by having a shared underlying style and theme. As well as embroidered company information being included somewhere.

Here's just a couple of options from Xamax:

Themed items, such as embroidered knitwear with staff's own trousers and other items, create a uniform "look" rather than precise matching outfits. Shop here.

The knitwear items could be embroidered with a complimenting company logo or name and employees can use their own clothing to form the rest of their work attire. This is an alternative to providing a single type of uniform for your office teams to wear, but still achieves the same results.

If you choose to order with Xamax, your dedicated account manager will be able to help you decide on items which create a uniform look or style and achieve the desired effect.


Want Some Further Reading? If you want to find out a little more about the benefits that uniform and branded clothing can bring, then check out our guide to buying workwear. It's free and is filled with tons of helpful advice which can all be applied to your potential office clothing order. Download it now.