Combination Helmets

Combination Helmets are a type of head protection gear that offers you comprehensive protection against multiple hazards in one unit. They combine a hard hat or safety helmet with additional features such as face shields, ear muffs, and respirators. Combination helmets are ideal for workers in high-risk environments, such as welding or forestry, where protection against multiple hazards is necessary. They’re comfortable to wear, easy to adjust, and meet safety standards.

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  1. Orange
    Portwest Forestry Combi Kit
    Best Price: £24.58Inc VAT£20.48Exc VAT
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  2. Yellow
    Portwest PPE Protection Kit
    Best Price: £16.03Inc VAT£13.36Exc VAT
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  3. Smoke
    Portwest Height Endurance Visor
    Best Price: £28.76Inc VAT£23.96Exc VAT
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  4. White
    Portwest Integrated Visor Helmet
    Best Price: £67.73Inc VAT£56.45Exc VAT
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  5. Yellow
    Portwest Endurance Plus Visor Helmet
    Best Price: £18.91Inc VAT£15.76Exc VAT
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  6. Yellow
    Portwest Endurance Visor Helmet
    Best Price: £18.15Inc VAT£15.12Exc VAT
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