Knee & Leg Protection

Knee and Leg Protection are vital gear for workers in industries that require kneeling, crawling, or low-to-the-ground work. They shield against injuries from impacts, abrasions, and cuts, reducing the risk of long-term damage. These items are designed to provide comfort and durability, ensuring workers can carry out their tasks safely and effectively.

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  1. Black
    Portwest Knee Pad
    Best Price: £9.07Inc VAT£7.56Exc VAT
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  2. Black/Orange
    Portwest Thigh Support Knee Pad
    Best Price: £30.54Inc VAT£25.45Exc VAT
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  3. White
    Portwest Non-Marking Knee Pad
    Best Price: £12.65Inc VAT£10.54Exc VAT
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  4. Black
    Portwest Elbow Pads
    Best Price: £9.84Inc VAT£8.20Exc VAT
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  5. Black
    Portwest CE Knee Pad
    Best Price: £6.77Inc VAT£5.64Exc VAT
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  6. Black
    Portwest Ultimate Gel Knee Pad
    Best Price: £19.43Inc VAT£16.19Exc VAT
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  7. Black
    Portwest Flexible 3 Layer Knee Pad Inserts
    Best Price: £10.99Inc VAT£9.16Exc VAT
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  8. Black
    Portwest Super Gel Knee Pad
    Best Price: £18.66Inc VAT£15.55Exc VAT
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  9. Black
    Portwest Lightweight Knee Pad
    Best Price: £9.71Inc VAT£8.09Exc VAT
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  10. Black
    Portwest Total Comfort Kneeling Pad
    Best Price: £16.87Inc VAT£14.06Exc VAT
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  11. Black
    Portwest High Density Knee Pad
    Best Price: £9.07Inc VAT£7.56Exc VAT
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  12. Black
    Portwest Kneeling Pad
    Best Price: £4.22Inc VAT£3.51Exc VAT
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