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You shouldn't trust your workplace safety to just anyone.

Always choose a BSiF Registered Safety Supplier.

Eye and Face Protection is essential when working in environments where injury is caused if risks such as sparks, chemicals, or flames come into contact with your eyes or face. This array of European safety standard spectacles, goggles, welding masks, and face masks and visors are designed to keep you protected from potential dangers and workplace risks.

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  1. Clear
    Portwest Safety Readers
    Best Price: £7.16Inc VAT£5.96Exc VAT
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  2. Portwest Tech Look Plus Spectacles
    Portwest Tech Look Plus Spectacles
    Best Price: £4.48Inc VAT£3.73Exc VAT
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  3. Smoke
    Portwest Impervious Tech Spectacles
    Best Price: £6.13Inc VAT£5.11Exc VAT
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  4. Clear
    Portwest Slim Browguard
    Best Price: £5.75Inc VAT£4.79Exc VAT
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  5. White
    Portwest Lens Cleaning Station
    Best Price: £16.36Inc VAT£13.63Exc VAT
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  6. White
    Portwest Lens Cleaning Wipes
    Best Price: £7.23Inc VAT£6.03Exc VAT
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  7. Clear
    Portwest Lens Cover Film (Pk10)
    Best Price: £17.76Inc VAT£14.80Exc VAT
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  8. Black
    Portwest Bayonet Fit Test Adapter Kit
    Best Price: £88.18Inc VAT£73.49Exc VAT
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  9. Delta Plus Polycarbonate Single Lens Glasses
    Delta Plus Polycarbonate Single Lens Glasses
    Best Price: £5.52Inc VAT£4.60Exc VAT
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  10. Bottle Green
    Portwest Gas Welding Goggles
    Best Price: £3.93Inc VAT£3.28Exc VAT
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  11. Bottle Green
    Portwest Welding Safety Spectacles
    Best Price: £3.93Inc VAT£3.28Exc VAT
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  12. Black
    Premier Washable 2-ply Face Cover - Pack Of 5
    Best Price: £5.11Inc VAT£4.26Exc VAT
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