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What To Avoid When Choosing A New Business Uniform

Choosing new business uniform is a major decision in any company and getting it right is a huge priority. With the increasing difficulty of getting approval and budget sign off, it's vital that the transition goes as smooth as possible and with minimal issues.

We've put together the following list of thing to avoid when choosing a uniform for your business to ensure you get the most from your budget.

In short, the most common mistakes when choosing are:

Read on to find out why you need to avoid these mistakes with your next uniform order.

Rushing The Decision

First and foremost, it's easy to fall into the mindset that business uniform is something that can be sourced and allocated quickly. This leaves potential room for complacency. Given the vast benefits uniform can offer, you might miss out on real benefits if you rush. 

By trying to choose a uniform quickly, it can lead to missing out on the fundamental benefits they can offer, meaning you're actually getting less value for money. It's key to note, that what works for a competitor's customer base may not necessarily work for your own, especially if the uniform in question transmits the wrong message.

Take-Away: Take your time. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Inappropriate Design

As your uniform is one of the first impressions your prospective customers get about your business, it's vital that you don't waste that opportunity by confusing them.

A uniform should transmit a clear, focused and well-tailored branding message to your target market to quickly capitalise on any first interest they may have. You do know your target market right? Put yourself in their shoes... what do they respond to?

EG: Your target market mid-30's and you're selling mortgages. A multi-coloured contrast polo and shorts just isn't going to cut it. You need something formal that induces feelings of authority and trust.

EG: Your target market is late teen and you're selling trainers. A formal suit will put your customers off coming into your store. A sporty contrast polo in your brand colours with a pair of sorts would exude the characteristics of your product offering.

Having inappropriate uniform designs can lead to these prospective customers not knowing exactly what you do or what to look at when it comes to your workwear. The more appropriate your business uniform, the more focused is your business message.

Take-away: Think about what your customers will respond positively to.

Sourcing The Cheapest Option

It's common that many businesses operate with a limited uniform budget and may perceive the cheapest supplier as being the most cost effective. There are many different business uniform suppliers to choose from, but this inevitably leads to companies cutting corner in customisation or having hidden fees. this reflects in the overall quality and leads to a low uniform life cycle. 

PLEASE think carefully before choosing the cheapest option. Buy cheap, buy twice, as they say.

Avoiding poor quality allows you to get the most out of your uniform. Good quality branding and longevity of the garments and customisation should b your main aim.

Not only that, but with cheap prices comes cheap customer service. Do you really need all that extra hassle just to save a few quid?

It's important to choose a workwear supplier that offers quality, to save complications in the long-run.

By taking the time to choose a price that is right for you, rather than the cheapest for you, it will ensure you are not regularly having to replace business uniform. And you won't need to spend more if the branding and customisation is sub-standard or incorrect.

Take-away: If you buy cheap, you buy twice

Excluding Company Branding

It takes time and skill to set-up machines to embroider uniform with your logo, so you might be tempted to skip this step to save money. Big mistake.

Yes your staff might be wearing something that looks like a uniform, but if it doesn't have your business branding, what's the point?

Closely associated with trying to source business uniform quickly is businesses ignoring the branding altogether. It's also closely associated with trying to cut costs. like we said, it takes time and skill to create embroidered logos, so obviously it is going to come at a cost. The negligible extra in having your uniforms embroidered with your business branding will pay dividends in the future.

Whilst considered a minor addition to your employee uniform, the minor initial outlay is made up for in tangible marketing costs for your brand. Plus the intangible benefits from increased brand awareness, to placing your employees in a position of authority or trust.

These all improve and bolster your other marketing efforts.

That is why once you have a uniform, you need to have a well considered uniform policy to ensure everything stays on brand.

Take-away: Your business brand is your main reason for having a uniform. Don't skip this to save a few quid.

Not Involving Employees

It's fundamental that you involve your employees in the uniform decision process to avoid further complications down the line. When this is concerning fittings, style or practicality, you need to let your employees be heard. Sometimes religious or cultural considerations with business uniform need to be made too and getting those wrong could lead to legal trouble.

Your budget may only stretch to certain styles, fittings or materials, so it's crucial you get it right the first time through a unified agreement among the workforce. 

Involving your employees will not only boost morale but they may highlight better possible opportunities to better utilise your budget.

These suggestions can be as simple as sourcing uniform with the addition of polyester (rather than strictly cotton) so that uniform clothing is less restrictive, thus extending its life cycle as it offers further flexibility whilst retaining a somewhat fitted look.

Take-away: You can't do everything on your own. Involve the people who will be wearing the uniform in your business and everything will go much more smoothly.