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What To Avoid When Choosing Company Uniforms

We've put together the following list of what to avoid when choosing company uniforms to ensure you get the most from your budget.

Choosing company uniform is a major decision in any business and getting it right is a huge priority. With the increasing difficulty of getting approval and budget sign off, it's therefore vital that the transition goes as smooth as possible and with minimal issues.

In short, the most common mistakes when choosing company uniforms are:

  • Rushing The Decision
  • Over-complicated Design
  • Sourcing The Cheapest Option
  • Excluding Company Branding
  • Not Involving Employees 

Still have time?

Read on to find out why you need to avoid these mistakes with your next work uniform order.

1. Rushing The Decision

First and foremost, it's easy to fall into the mindset that workwear is something that can be sourced and allocated quickly. This leaves potential room for complacency, given the vast benefits workwear can offer, which you might miss out on if you rush. 

By trying to choose a uniform quickly, it can lead to missing out on the fundamental benefits workwear can offer, meaning you're actually getting less value for money. It's key to note, that what works for one competitor's customer base may not necessarily work for your own, especially if the uniform in question transmits the wrong message.

2. Overcomplicated Design

As your company uniform is one of the first impressions that your prospective customers get about your business, it's vital that you don't waste that opportunity by confusing them.

A uniform should transmit a clear, focused and well-tailored message to your target market therefore quickly capitalising on any first interest they may have. 

By introducing over-complicated designs it can lead to these prospective customers not knowing exactly what you do or what to look at when it comes to your workwear. The more complicated your uniform becomes, the less focused is your message.

3. Sourcing The Cheapest Option

It's common that many businesses operate with a limited workwear budget and may perceive the cheapest supplier as being the most cost effective. With the saturated market of workwear suppliers, rates are becoming cheaper, but this reflects in the overall quality of your workwear garments and leads to a low workwear life cycle. 

Avoid choosing the cheapest option, not only for poor quality but these companies often cannot offer you the services that will allow you to get the most out of your workwear, such as logo printing or logo embroidery.

It's important to choose a workwear supplier that offers flexibility and various options, to save hassle or complications in the long-run.

By taking the time to choose a price that is right for you, rather than the cheapest for you, it will ensure you are not regularly having to replace company uniform or resort to spending more if a branding and customisation is sub-standard or incorrect.

4. Excluding Company Branding

Closely associated with companies trying to source company uniform quickly is companies missing out on the finer details such as proper logo embroidery or printing. Whilst considered a minor addition to your employee uniform, the minor intial outlay is made up for in reduced marketing costs and the priceless benefits it brings; from increased brand awareness, to placing your employees in a position of authority.

5. Not Involving Employees

Whilst we're on the topic of employees, it's fundamental that you involve them in the decision process to avoid further complications down the line. Whether this is concerning fittings, style and even practicality.

Your budget may only stretch to certain styles, fittings or materials, therefore it's crucial you get it right the first time through a unified agreement among the workforce. 

Involving your employees will not only boost morale but they may highlight better possible opportunities to better utilise your budget.

These suggestions can be as simple as sourcing uniform with the addition of polyester (rather than strictly cotton) so that uniform clothing is less restrictive, thus extending its life cycle as it offers further flexibility whilst retaining a somewhat fitted look.


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      This gives us an idea of which member of our team could best help you.