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Protect with confidence using our comprehensive range of eye and face safety accessories. From impact-resistant goggles to full-face shields, this collection ensures uncompromised safety in hazardous environments. Crafted with cutting-edge materials, these accessories provide you with optimal visibility while guarding against potential risks. Whether in construction or laboratory settings, our accessories prioritise your well-being.

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  1. White
    Portwest Lens Cleaning Station
    Best Price: £16.36Inc VAT£13.63Exc VAT
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  2. White
    Portwest Lens Cleaning Wipes
    Best Price: £7.23Inc VAT£6.03Exc VAT
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  3. Clear
    Portwest Lens Cover Film (pk10)
    Best Price: £17.76Inc VAT£14.80Exc VAT
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  4. Black
    Portwest Bayonet Fit Test Adapter Kit
    Best Price: £88.18Inc VAT£73.49Exc VAT
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  5. Clear
    Portwest BizWeld Plus Replacement Lens (pk5)
    Best Price: £3.58Inc VAT£2.98Exc VAT
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  6. Black
    Portwest Spectacles Cord (pk100)
    Best Price: £31.91Inc VAT£26.59Exc VAT
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  7. Black
    Portwest Spectacles Bag (pk100)
    Best Price: £55.41Inc VAT£46.18Exc VAT
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