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Workwear & Uniform - Embroidery & Print

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Quality Branded Workwear with Tiered Pricing Structures - Embroidered & Printed

The bigger your order, the more you save. Our tiered pricing covers your entire basket of customisable product. A simple, easy way to budget your workwear, uniform and workplace safety procurement.

Embroidered Workwear, Polo Shirts, Officewear and Jackets

Our embroidery department can make any company logo look fantastic on almost any workwear garment. XAMAX® is the perfect partner for your embroidered workwear bundles, corporate clothing and workwear embroidery solutions.

Workplace Safety & Industrial PPE Supply

Not all PPE suppliers are the same. XAMAX® is a BSIF Registered Safety Supplier - you can trust us with your safety workwear and PPE.

T Shirt and Hoodie Printing

DTG and Transfer print for short run, fast turn around orders - screen printing for larger run T Shirt bundles and Hoodies - XAMAX® is the T Shirt printing company you've been looking for.

Workwear & Uniform

Phot of a person washing clothes in a laundrette

Why You MUST Wash Your Company Uniform Before You Wear It

So you received your new company uniform. Looks good right? All bright and new and clean... but is it? No, not really. There are a lot of industrial processes that go into getting your uniform onto your back, and the very last one, washing it, is your responsibility. Here's why you should NEVER wear uniform, […]
Man Doing Up Tie

How Workwear Bundles Save You Time And Money

When making your first workforce workwear order, it's common to think your budget won't allow you a good quality of product for your staff. Another common worry is ordering the wrong quantity of sizes. Many companies simply ignore customising their workwear and miss out on the benefits that it will bring. What if there is […]
Image representing why a work uniform is a worthwhile investment

Is Customised Work Uniform REALLY Worth It?

What is the point of buying a custom work uniform for your staff? Is it just an extra expense and a hassle you could do without? There are actually many benefits to kitting your staff out in a uniform that will positively impact on your business and deliver a genuine ROI. And it doesn't need […]
Testing the fluoresence of hi vis yellow fabric

Hi Vis Standards – EN ISO 20471 Explained

Hi Vis clothing is essential for keeping workers safe when working near traffic, cranes, forklifts or other vehicles. It is absolutely needed when working at night or in low-light conditions. The primary role of hi vis is to separate wearers from whatever background environment they are working in, quickly and at a distance and from all […]
Christmas Gifts beneath a Christmas Tree

Christmas Work Uniforms: A Marketing Opportunity

Christmas comes but once a year, and with it comes a golden marketing opportunity using seasonal employee uniform. You already know that a branded uniform or workwear helps build your brand identity, but at Christmas you have the chance to really stand out from the competition. You have an opportunity to create a long-lasting impression […]

5 Autumn Outdoor Workwear Essentials

Days are getting shorter and the available light is getting dimmer, so it's probably time to revisit your outdoor workwear. As Britain goes from Summer to Autumn to Winter, the sunrise fluctuates between 6.10am all the way to 8.06am. There are many hours outdoor workers may be shrouded in darkness or semi-darkness as they work, […]
Men wearing Coveralls and Overalls

Coveralls vs Overalls: What’s the Difference?

There is a common misconception that the only difference between a coverall and an overall is regional: a British word versus an American one, but this is not true: In the British workwear industry, the words seem to be interchangeable. Search on any (other) workwear website for either term, and what you will find is […]
a Rack full of dress shirts

Creating Branded Uniforms For Your Company

This is a XAMAX® "How To" guide to creating branded uniform with your company logo. We include advice on garments, colour choice and customisation techniques. This uniform guide is broken down into four simple steps. They're listed here and if you scroll further down, you will see a more in-depth explanation of each step. Here's […]

How to Choose the Correct Outdoor Work Clothes for Your Team

When you have been assigned the job of choosing the right workwear for your team, it can be difficult to know where to start. Do you buy summer clothing, warm clothing, or waterproofs? By answering these 3 questions, you will be able to choose the right outdoor work clothes for your team. Page Contents What […]

How To Encourage And Manage Employee Uniform Responsibilities

When you issue uniform to your staff, employees will have a responsibility towards the uniform garments you provide, Whether that responsibility is specified within their employment contract, within the uniform policy itself or simply implied. A main responsibility is that employees must treat, handle, and launder their uniforms properly, so that uniforms last a minimum […]

Health & Safety

Grinder creates vast amounts of dust

Dust Mask Ratings: FFP1 vs FFP2 vs FFP3 – The Ultimate Guide

PLEASE NOTE: This guide is not aimed at the general public and does not constitute advice to use a dust mask or respirators to protect from viruses. Here is everything you need to know about dust mask ratings - the same safety standards are used for respirator ratings and the specifications of face masks. After […]
Image of High Quality Safety Boots In Use

Safety Footwear Ratings: The Ultimate Guide

Style and colour may be your first thoughts when choosing new safety boots or shoes, but it should be the fit, suitability for your job and the protection standards (aka: Safety Boot Ratings) that are at the forefront of your mind. This is a guide to the safety standards, classifications, ratings and codes for work […]
Health and Safety Obligations Illustration

What Are The Health & Safety At Work Legal Obligations For Employers?

With the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reporting that there were 581,000 employees sustaining non-fatal injuries at work in 2018/19, it still seems that not enough is being done to protect workers. But what are the legal obligations faced by UK employers? What can be done to mitigate risk, and what are the consequences of […]
image of an electrician wearing a white hard hat

Hard Hat Colour Codes: What You Need to Know

As of January 2017, Build UK, who represents some of the UK's biggest contractors and trade associations, has mandated hard hat colour codes. Excepting Network Rail workers, whose sites only permit white and blue safety helmets, all other construction sites - new and existing - will be expected to change their helmet colours according to […]

How To Pick Glove Ratings: Our Guide To EN-Standards

There are several types of gloves available to purchase for a reason. You should avoid making the mistake of assuming that any type of glove can be used for any type of work you undertake, as this can bring its own set of dangers. That's why gloves are rated into three separate categories and all […]
Image of Man wearing hearing protection

Guide To Choosing Hearing Protection That’s Right For You

In a noisy work environment, having the correct PPE to protect your hearing is essential. There are several consequences if you do not have the right equipment: Tinnitus, Acoustic Trauma, Temporary Hearing Loss, Industrial/Occupational Deafness, even Complete Hearing Loss How do you choose the right hearing protection PPE for your particular industry?  Page Contents Types […]
Image shows rigger boots being worn

Are Rigger Boots Banned On Construction Sites?

Rigger boots are an attractive option for those who work on a construction site. They are a slip-on safety boot between a lace-up and a wellington. Compared to traditional safety boots they have a looser fit and their added waterproofing makes them an appealing choice. However, are riggers safety boots banned from being worn on […]

3 Steps to Hand Safety in the Workplace

Hand safety in the workplace is one of the most important aspects of Health & Safety. 40% of workplace accidents involve a worker's hands and 70% of hand injuries occur because the worker has removed their safety gloves. Staggering, isn't it!? Keeping your workforce's hands safe is everyone's responsibility, and it can make a huge […]

How Often Should You Replace Your Hi Vis Clothing?

The frequency of replacing your hi vis clothing is not determined by a period of time, but how it is used and cared for. It doesn't have a shelf-life as such unless it falls under an old hi vis clothing standard. You've taken the time to research and find the right type of hi vis […]
Image shows computer and stethoscope for occupational diseasestep

5 Types of Occupational Diseases and How to Prevent Them

Daily contact with hazardous materials at work can lead to serious health problems later on in life for your or your staff. Occupational diseases can be horrific and fatal, so it is always worth educating yourself on how you can prevent them. As an employer - it is your responsibility to make sure you control […]
Image of man using Rigger Gloves to protect hands whilst lifting

Rigger Gloves – everything you need to know before you buy

It is possible that rigger gloves are not the best option for you or your staff, so here is what you need to know before buying rigger gloves. Construction workers, landscapers, forestry workers, warehouse operatives, engineers and even road-workers need different types of gloves due to the safety elements featured in each one. This is […]

Bump Caps or Hard Hats: What is the difference?

Head injuries are often serious and all too often life threatening. It is important, when working in hazardous industries, you and your employees are protected with some form of head protection such as a Hard Hat or a Bump Cap. Hard Hats are very different pieces of PPE from Bump Caps and they both perform […]

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