Water Resistant Gloves

Water Resistant Gloves are a specialised type of hand protection designed to provide you with effective protection against water, moisture, and other liquids. Constructed from materials such as latex, neoprene, or PVC, these gloves offer excellent resistance to water and other liquids, making them ideal for workers in industries such as fisheries, agriculture, and janitorial services. These waterproof gloves are a vital component of any PPE kit, ensuring that workers' hands remain dry and protected from potential water-related hazards.

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  1. Delta Plus Hercule Knitted Acrylic/Polyamid Glove
    Delta Plus Hercule Knitted Acrylic/Polyamid Glove
    Best Price: £7.63Inc VAT£6.36Exc VAT
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  2. Orange
    Portwest Weatherproof Hi Vis Glove
    Best Price: £6.52Inc VAT£5.43Exc VAT
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  3. Grey/Black
    Portwest Dermiflex Aqua Glove
    Best Price: £3.04Inc VAT£2.53Exc VAT
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  4. Navy
    Portwest Nitrile Knitwrist
    Best Price: £1.64Inc VAT£1.37Exc VAT
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  5. Blue
    Portwest Trawlmaster 30cm Gauntlet
    Best Price: £2.79Inc VAT£2.33Exc VAT
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  6. Blue
    Portwest Liquid Pro Glove
    Best Price: £2.47Inc VAT£2.06Exc VAT
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  7. Orange/Blue
    Portwest Aqua-Seal Pro Glove
    Best Price: £16.36Inc VAT£13.63Exc VAT
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  8. Red
    Portwest PVC Knitwrist
    Best Price: £1.28Inc VAT£1.07Exc VAT
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