Safety Knives, Scissors, & Accessories

Safety Knives, Scissors, and Accessories are designed to help prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. With ergonomic handles, retractable blades, and safety features, these products are perfect for a variety of cutting tasks. Whether you're in construction, manufacturing, or any other industry, these safety tools are essential for keeping your team safe and productive.

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  1. White/Blue
    Portwest GPS Locator V1
    Best Price: £362.95Inc VAT£302.46Exc VAT
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  2. Black
    Portwest USB Rechargeable Flood Light
    Best Price: £58.53Inc VAT£48.78Exc VAT
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  3. Black
    Portwest USB Rechargeable Inspection Torch
    Best Price: £50.74Inc VAT£42.28Exc VAT
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  4. Black
    Portwest USB Rechargeable Torch
    Best Price: £38.60Inc VAT£32.16Exc VAT
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  5. Black
    Portwest High Powered Pocket Torch
    Best Price: £10.10Inc VAT£8.41Exc VAT
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  6. Black
    Portwest Taskforce Security Torch
    Best Price: £31.69Inc VAT£26.41Exc VAT
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  7. Black
    Portwest Inspection Flashlight
    Best Price: £9.84Inc VAT£8.20Exc VAT
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  8. Yellow/Black
    Portwest 7 LED Rubber Torch
    Best Price: £7.92Inc VAT£6.60Exc VAT
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  9. Black
    Portwest Tactical Torch
    Best Price: £20.06Inc VAT£16.72Exc VAT
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  10. No Colour
    Portwest Replacement Blades for KN30 and KN40 Cutters (10)
    Best Price: £2.17Inc VAT£1.81Exc VAT
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  11. No Colour
    Portwest Replacement Blades for KN10 and KN20 (10)
    Best Price: £2.10Inc VAT£1.75Exc VAT
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  12. Blue
    Portwest Enclosed Blade Safety Knife
    Best Price: £111.19Inc VAT£92.66Exc VAT
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