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A pair of Safety GlassesA pair of Safety Glasses

It’s critical for your employees eyes and face to be protected whilst working in order to prevent serious injuries from workplace hazards such as chemicals, flying debris, and UV radiation.

A single General Handling GloveA single General Handling Glove

Protecting hands and arms is crucial for worker safety and productivity. Prevent injuries such as cuts, burns, and chemical exposure while minimising the risk of infection and improving grip, dexterity, and comfort.

A Hard HatA Hard Hat

Prevent serious injuries in the workplace by effectively protecting your head in the workplace. Essential in many working environments, keep your employees safe and save lives.

A pair of Ear DefendersA pair of Ear Defenders

Prevent noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus, and other hearing disorders caused by exposure to loud noises from affecting your employees in a variety of occupational settings with ear defenders and plugs.

A single Safety BootA single Safety Boot

Protect your feet from injuries in hazardous work environments. Safety footwear can prevent slips, trips, falls, and impacts, reducing the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.

A Half MaskA Half Mask

Vital for safeguarding against harmful airborne substances, ensure workplace safety with protection against dust, chemicals, and infections. Proper use of masks and respirators can prevent respiratory illnesses and diseases.

Anti-Static CoverallAnti-Static Coverall

Discover Arc Flash & Flame Resistant Clothing for uncompromised workplace safety. Engineered with advanced materials, this apparel offers essential protection against arc flashes and flames, ensuring peace of mind.

Working at height harnessWorking at height harness

Stay secure at any elevation with this Working at Height Equipment. From harnesses to anchors, this gear ensures your safety, allowing you to focus on the task at hand confidently.

A Spill KitA Spill Kit

Be prepared for spills with these comprehensive spill kits. From chemicals to oil, these spill kits provide quick and effective solutions, ensuring a safer work environment effortlessly.

A First Aid KitA First Aid Kit

Prioritise safety in the workplace with these essential First Aid Kits and accessories. From bandages to evacuation chairs, these safety items ensure you're prepared for any emergency, keeping your workplace secure.

A Warning SignA Warning Sign

Enhance safety awareness in the workplace with Warning Signs. Clear and highly visible, these signs provide crucial alerts, helping prevent accidents and creating a safer environment for all.

A Safety KnifeA Safety Knife

Upgrade workplace safety with this range of Safety Knives, Scissors, and Accessories. Designed for precision and protection, these tools ensure efficiency without compromising on your workers well-being.

Health and safety in the workplace is of paramount importance in any organisation. As a BSiF Registered Safety Supplier, we only provide tested and certified protective clothing, equipment, and kits to prioritise the safety and well-being of your employees while they’re at work. It’s essential for the physical and mental well-being of your employees by ensuring the workplace is free from hazards and the risk of injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. With a wide range of health and safety measures for you to choose from, your business is able to comply with laws and regulations.

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  1. Black
    Portwest Chin Strap 4 Expertbase (PK5)
    Best Price: £13.73Inc VAT£11.44Exc VAT
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  2. White
    Portwest BizTex SMS FR Coverall Type 5/6 (Pk50)
    Best Price: £210.87Inc VAT£175.73Exc VAT
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  3. Navy
    Portwest Wildland Fire Coverall
    Best Price: £153.23Inc VAT£127.69Exc VAT
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  4. Navy
    Portwest FR Stretch Trousers
    Best Price: £86.65Inc VAT£72.21Exc VAT
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  5. Navy
    Portwest FR Standard Coat
    Best Price: £40.64Inc VAT£33.87Exc VAT
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  6. Red
    Portwest Aberdeen FR Coverall
    Best Price: £93.93Inc VAT£78.28Exc VAT
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  7. Navy
    Portwest 3000 Over-Trousers
    Best Price: £419.18Inc VAT£349.32Exc VAT
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  8. Navy
    Portwest 3000 Over-Coat
    Best Price: £702.90Inc VAT£585.75Exc VAT
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  9. Portwest Anti-Static ESD Fleece
    Portwest Anti-Static ESD Fleece
    Best Price: £31.95Inc VAT£26.63Exc VAT
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  10. Portwest Anti-Static ESD Sweatshirt
    Portwest Anti-Static ESD Sweatshirt
    Best Price: £37.83Inc VAT£31.52Exc VAT
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  11. White
    Portwest Anti-Static ESD Long Sleeve T-Shirt
    Best Price: £23.26Inc VAT£19.38Exc VAT
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  12. White
    Portwest Anti-Static ESD Polo Shirt
    Best Price: £30.03Inc VAT£25.03Exc VAT
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