Disposable & Food Safe Gloves

Disposable and Food Safe Gloves are essential hand protection gear for workers in industries such as healthcare, food processing, and hospitality. They provide a barrier between your skin and potentially harmful substances, such as chemicals, bacteria, and viruses. Disposable and food safe gloves come in various materials and sizes to suit different working conditions. They’re comfortable to wear, easy to dispose of, and compliant with safety standards.

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  1. Clear
    Portwest Powdered Vinyl Disposable Glove (Pk100)
    Best Price: £2.96Inc VAT£2.47Exc VAT
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  2. White
    Portwest Powdered Latex Disposable Glove (Pk100)
    Best Price: £4.93Inc VAT£4.11Exc VAT
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  3. White
    Portwest Powder Free Latex Disposable Glove
    Best Price: £6.08Inc VAT£5.07Exc VAT
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  4. Grey
    Portwest AHR 10 Food Glove Liner – 1 glove
    Best Price: £4.60Inc VAT£3.84Exc VAT
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  5. Blue
    Portwest Food Approved Nitrile Gauntlet
    Best Price: £1.40Inc VAT£1.16Exc VAT
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  6. Clear
    Portwest Powder Free Vinyl Disposable Glove (Pk100)
    Best Price: £3.29Inc VAT£2.74Exc VAT
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  7. Yellow
    Portwest Household Latex Glove (240 Pairs)
    Best Price: £147.80Inc VAT£123.16Exc VAT
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  8. Orange
    Portwest Orange HD Disposable Glove (Pk100)
    Best Price: £9.78Inc VAT£8.15Exc VAT
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  9. Blue
    Portwest Powder Free Nitrile Disposable Glove (Pk100)
    Best Price: £4.52Inc VAT£3.77Exc VAT
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