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Enhance your safety gear with this comprehensive selection of safety helmet accessories. From visors that shield against glare and impact to earmuffs that protect against noise, our collection offers vital additions to your protective equipment. Designed for seamless integration, these accessories ensure optimum comfort and safety. Whether in construction or industrial settings, these safety helmet accessories provide you with an extra layer of defense. Prioritise your workplace safety with reliable and adaptable helmet accessories.

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  1. Black
    Portwest Chin Strap 4 Expertbase (pk5)
    Best Price: £13.73Inc VAT£11.44Exc VAT
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  2. Black
    Portwest Sweatband Expertbase (pk10)
    Best Price: £5.37Inc VAT£4.47Exc VAT
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  3. Red
    Portwest Reflective Stickers Pack
    Best Price: £38.72Inc VAT£32.27Exc VAT
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  4. Clear
    Portwest Safety Helmet Harness Ratchet
    Best Price: £3.21Inc VAT£2.67Exc VAT
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  5. Black
    Portwest USB Rechargeable Light Clip
    Best Price: £5.50Inc VAT£4.58Exc VAT
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  6. Black
    Portwest Chin Strap 4 Work Safe (pk5)
    Best Price: £14.71Inc VAT£12.26Exc VAT
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  7. Black
    Portwest RX Focus Support
    Best Price: £1.92Inc VAT£1.60Exc VAT
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  8. Black
    Portwest Chin Strap 4 Endurance (pk5)
    Best Price: £6.90Inc VAT£5.75Exc VAT
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  9. Black
    Portwest Chin Strap 4 Height Endurance (pk5)
    Best Price: £9.62Inc VAT£8.01Exc VAT
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  10. Silver
    Portwest LED Head Light
    Best Price: £4.77Inc VAT£3.97Exc VAT
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  11. Yellow/Black
    Portwest Dual Power Head Light
    Best Price: £6.58Inc VAT£5.48Exc VAT
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  12. Yellow/Black
    Portwest Ultra Power Head Light
    Best Price: £26.80Inc VAT£22.33Exc VAT
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