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There are a huge number of different reasons to wear gloves at work, and Xamax provides a full range in order to meet your needs. A full range of Hand & Arm protection can be found here. Whether you want them for safety purposes when handling items at extreme temperatures, you need heavy duty grip to move tricky objects.

3 glove products found

Navy Blue
Portwest Fingerless Knit Insulatex Glove
Excl. Tax: from £2.62 Incl. Tax: from £3.14
Portwest Touchscreen Knit Glove
Excl. Tax: from £2.90 Incl. Tax: from £3.48
Thinsulate™ Lined Gloves
Thinsulate™ Lined Gloves
Excl. Tax: from £5.75 Incl. Tax: from £6.90

3 glove products found

If you want disposable gloves for various duties in a food preparation environment, or any other reason, have a look through the selection of gloves that Xamax carries to find exactly the gloves that you require for your business.

In general, work gloves are used to keep your hands and, often, wrists protected whilst you work. They help protect you from hazards in a range of different areas, including domestic, commercial, factory, laboratory and construction sites, among others.

Each different set of gloves in the range at Xamax brings with it its own benefits and uses. The material with which they are made has a large bearing on the use of the gloves, with different fabrics boasting varied properties that are helpful in the workplace.

Check carefully for information in each of the listings, where you will find out the safety standards that each pair meets, if applicable, and their recommended uses in the world of work. They range from thin latex gloves to robust, padded items, depending on your needs. The items on sale at Xamax are suitable variously for protection against splinters, burns, cuts, contact with corrosive materials, and much more.

Comfort is always front of mind with developing work gloves to be worn on the job, and many of the gloves at Xamax feature cushioning that allows you to handle rough or oversized materials with a minimum of fuss. Others aid your grip on tricky surfaces, provide protection whilst still providing flexibility, or allow your hands to breathe, even in high temperatures at work.