First Aid

First Aid Kits are essential for responding to medical emergencies in your workplace, home, or on-the-go. They contain a variety of supplies such as bandages, antiseptics, and other medical equipment to treat injuries and illnesses. First aid kits come in various sizes and types to meet different needs and environments.

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  1. Green
    Portwest Vehicle Kit 16
    Best Price: £16.82Inc VAT£14.02Exc VAT
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  2. Green
    Portwest Vehicle Kit 8
    Best Price: £9.35Inc VAT£7.79Exc VAT
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  3. Green
    Portwest Vehicle Kit 2
    Best Price: £5.97Inc VAT£4.98Exc VAT
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  4. Green
    Portwest Workplace First Aid Kit 100
    Best Price: £31.28Inc VAT£26.07Exc VAT
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  5. Green
    Portwest Workplace First Aid Kit 25+
    Best Price: £22.32Inc VAT£18.60Exc VAT
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  6. Green
    Portwest Workplace First Aid Kit 25
    Best Price: £16.11Inc VAT£13.43Exc VAT
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  7. Yellow/Black
    Portwest Barricade/Warning Tape
    Best Price: £127.73Inc VAT£106.44Exc VAT
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