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  • Does LED Lamp Technology Help with PPE?

    LED lamps have many uses thanks to their efficiency and longevity. Already used in signs, homes and at events, this technology might be able to help when it comes to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Prototypes are in development that could see LED lamp technology improve PPE, helping to eliminate some... Learn More >
  • How Wearable LED Technology Keeps Your Workforce Safe

    It is night-time and you can barely see your hand in front of your face. What good is reflective hi-visibility PPE in these conditions? You need to have an external light source otherwise your Hi Vis jacket is just a jacket. Do not rely on a driver to have their... Learn More >
  • As the Nights Draw in - 6 LED Torch Innovations You Need to Know About

    Whether you need to find your way around in the dark, or to search the bottom of your toolbox at night, a torch is a vital piece of kit for any professional. With the latest in modern LED technology, torches and personal lighting systems have become lighter weight, less expensive and longer... Learn More >