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Dress Codes

  • Work Uniforms vs Casual Dress Codes: What is best for your business?

    Wondering about implementing a new work uniform policy into your business? Or simply just thinking about changing your current one? This article outlines the benefits and drawbacks of kitting your team out in uniforms or introducing a casual dress code. See which one works for you. Learn More >
  • What's The Law On Company Dress Codes?

    In short, all people who work at your company must be treated equally in terms of dress codes. That covers differences in gender, physical attributes, age, religion and anything else covered under the Equality Act 2010. Read on for further explanation on the law on company dress codes. Image Credit... Learn More >
  • Can One Company Uniform Suit All In Creative Offices?

    Creative offices are unique. Your employees aren't anything like bankers or fast food workers, where uniforms are heavily imposed with no leeway whatsoever. You don't want to impact the level of creativity within your workforce either, as their productivity and morale might increase when they're wearing casual clothing. However, uniforms... Learn More >
  • Why You Need A Dress Code In Your Workplace

    There was a time when a formal dress code was not absolutely needed in businesses, offices and shops - wearing smart attire for work was culturally implied, regardless of the job. From the Victorian era, right through the first half of the 20th Century, people opted for formality as a... Learn More >