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You shouldn't trust your workplace safety to just anyone.

Always choose a BSiF Registered Safety Supplier.

Dedicated to protecting your hands and arms, this safety workwear covers a multitude of risks such as thermal, grip, cuts, and impacts. Protect your employees from the potential injuries they may face on a daily basis and keep them safe within the workplace.

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  1. Grey
    Portwest Cut C13 PU Essential Multipack (Pk12)
    Best Price: £21.29Inc VAT£17.74Exc VAT
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  2. Blue
    Portwest Liquid Pro Essential Multipack (Pk12)
    Best Price: £18.91Inc VAT£15.76Exc VAT
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  3. Grey/Black
    Portwest DermiFlex Plus Essential Multipack (Pk12)
    Best Price: £20.96Inc VAT£17.47Exc VAT
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  4. Grey/Black
    Portwest DermiFlex Essential Multipack (Pk12)
    Best Price: £16.77Inc VAT£13.97Exc VAT
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  5. Green
    Portwest Nitrosafe Essential Multipack
    Best Price: £12.33Inc VAT£10.28Exc VAT
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  6. Grey
    Portwest 22 Inch (56cm) Cut Resistant Sleeve
    Best Price: £4.52Inc VAT£3.77Exc VAT
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  7. Yellow
    Portwest 18 Inch(45cm) Cut Resistant Sleeve
    Best Price: £4.11Inc VAT£3.43Exc VAT
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  8. Grey
    Portwest Vending Antistatic PU Palm Glove
    Best Price: £0.82Inc VAT£0.69Exc VAT
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  9. Yellow
    Portwest Metal Free Glove Clip (Pk40)
    Best Price: £69.05Inc VAT£57.54Exc VAT
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  10. Portwest Needle Resistant Glove
    Portwest Needle Resistant Glove
    Best Price: £44.31Inc VAT£36.92Exc VAT
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  11. Delta Plus Apollon Gloves
    Delta Plus Apollon Gloves
    Best Price: £2.78Inc VAT£2.32Exc VAT
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  12. Delta Plus Cowhide Split Leather Gloves
    Delta Plus Cowhide Split Leather Gloves
    Best Price: £3.58Inc VAT£2.99Exc VAT
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