Working at Height

Working at Height Safety Equipment is designed to protect your workers from falls and other hazards when working at elevated heights. From harnesses to lanyards and anchors, these products are made with high-quality materials to ensure maximum safety. With our range of working at height safety equipment, you can keep your workers safe and compliant with safety regulations.

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  1. Black
    Portwest Suspension Trauma Safety Straps
    Best Price: £8.05Inc VAT£6.71Exc VAT
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  2. Red
    Portwest 15m Ascending/Descending Kit
    Best Price: £181.48Inc VAT£151.23Exc VAT
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  3. Red
    Portwest 10m Roofing Kit
    Best Price: £160.26Inc VAT£133.55Exc VAT
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  4. Black
    Portwest Construction Kit
    Best Price: £177.26Inc VAT£147.72Exc VAT
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  5. Black
    Portwest Scaffolding Kit
    Best Price: £150.93Inc VAT£125.78Exc VAT
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  6. Red
    Portwest Fall Arrest Kit
    Best Price: £92.14Inc VAT£76.79Exc VAT
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  7. Black
    Portwest Self Retract 1.35m Lifeline
    Best Price: £150.68Inc VAT£125.56Exc VAT
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  8. Black
    Portwest 6M Retractable Fall Arrest Block
    Best Price: £322.06Inc VAT£268.38Exc VAT
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  9. Black
    Portwest 10m Retractable Fall Arrest Block
    Best Price: £380.84Inc VAT£317.37Exc VAT
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  10. Orange
    Portwest Web 3m Fall Arrest Block
    Best Price: £175.09Inc VAT£145.91Exc VAT
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  11. Silver
    Portwest 12mm Detachable Rope Grab
    Best Price: £53.55Inc VAT£44.62Exc VAT
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  12. Silver
    Portwest Scaffold Hook
    Best Price: £27.99Inc VAT£23.32Exc VAT
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