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How Do Company Uniforms Boost Authority?

Besides marketing, what other benefits can company uniforms bring to your business? The short answer is authority

Which is obvious when you look at the photo of West Yorkshire Police Officers in Uniform above (credit: West Yorkshire Police).

In short, equipping your business with branded workwear can enhance internal and external authority by:

  • Building Trust
  • Emphasising Pride
  • Increasing Levels of Respect
  • Encouraging Discipline
  • Building Employee Self-Esteem

Curious to know more? Carry on reading to find out how company uniforms go hand-in-hand with developing business authority.

Why You Should Be Boosting Industry Authority

Gaining authority within your industry is essential if you are to continue growing, as without new customers you won't be able to grow. Your uniform policy can often dictate or drive the amount of authority you have in your current market through the following factors.

Let's look at how company uniforms help to achieve this...

1.  Building Trust

Assigning a consistent company uniform can go to great lengths to influence the internalised feelings your customers have for your brand. Customers will recall consistent uniform themes easier and associate them with certain qualities such as reliability and company size, which only strengthen the more they see them. Branded workwear will speed up the sales process and is fundamental if your product/service is of high value.

The addition of a minor logo could be the difference between whether a customer trusts your service or not. The uniform indicates regulation, training and experience, which goes a long way when building relationships with older or particularly vulnerable customers.

TNT utilise embroidered polo shirts, fleeces and printed Hi Vis to be easily recognised and trusted. Image credit:

2.  Emphasising Pride

Displaying your company branding through your custom workwear signifies to both your competitors and customers that you're proud of the product or service you offer. Equipping your workwear with embroidered logos/slogans or even printed employee names, clearly shows to your competitors or customers who's accountable for the service they're considering or are currently recieving. It implies the idea that you as a company have nothing to hide and are proud of the service you offer. 

By clearly showing pride in your product, service, or employees, it will instill confidence into first-time buyers and contribute to much warmer first-touch relationships between your employees and prospective customers.  Future marketing efforts will also benefit and will be much more warmly recieved, allowing you to strengthen your authority within your market.

3. Increasing Levels of Respect

In order to establish authority within your market it's vital you achieve the respect from those within it. By adopting company uniform it not only breathes professionalism, but more so a serious work ethic. This then transmits itself to your customers as it can imply that you'll go above and beyond with your service, ensuring they get the best value for money.  

Your product or service can only be as good as the employees selling it. By providing custom uniform, it can go to great lengths in making your employees both more influential and comfortable within their role. How so? Read on.

4.  Encouraging Discipline

Providing your workforce with consistent company uniform can promote a certain degree of equality among your workforce, promoting the idea that everyone is necessary. More importantly, it emphasises that everyone is equally accountable for their quality of work.

Company uniforms are a constant reminder to employees of the workplace heirarchy and standards that the company has in place. Company uniforms can highlight the different departments and management levels, therefore encouraging greater teamwork and obedience from employees.

The reminder itself will make it easier for your employees to respond to feedback or taking on additional workload in order to improve, greatly improving the quality of service your customers recieve in the long term.  

5. Building Employee Self-Esteem

By equipping your workforce with branded workwear you will not only do wonders for your marketing but also boosting your employee's confidence. Similar to the previous point, as your employees are aware they are actively representing the company, it will keep what they're doing or saying on message. 

The branded workwear will signify that the company both endorses the individual wearing it and what they're saying, building confidence within that employee. In doing so, you'll allow employees to perform better from the reduced pressure of knowing they've got company-backing. 

Starbucks employees often work under high-intensity pressure but are reassured by their training through their company uniform. image credit:

Establish Your Authority Through The Right Work Uniform Branding

Whilst it's easy to highlight the benefits of company uniforms when it comes to authority, it can only be done successfully through choosing the workwear that's best suited for your business.