Chemical Hazard Gloves

Chemical Hazard Gloves are a specialised type of hand protection designed to shield workers from exposure to hazardous chemicals in the workplace. These gloves provide you with excellent chemical resistance and durability, and are essential for workers in industries such as agriculture, healthcare, and manufacturing, where exposure to dangerous chemicals is common. Chemical hazard gloves are a critical component of any PPE kit, and they play a vital role in safeguarding workers' health and well-being.

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  1. Green
    Portwest Nitrosafe Essential Multipack
    Best Price: £12.33Inc VAT£10.28Exc VAT
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  2. Blue
    Portwest Marine Ultra PVC Chem Gauntlet
    Best Price: £4.52Inc VAT£3.77Exc VAT
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  3. Portwest FD Chemical B Latex Gauntlet
    Portwest FD Chemical B Latex Gauntlet
    Best Price: £5.75Inc VAT£4.80Exc VAT
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  4. Blue
    Portwest FD Chemical B Latex Light Gauntlet (Pk12)
    Best Price: £7.07Inc VAT£5.89Exc VAT
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  5. Green
    Portwest Nitrosafe Chemical Gauntlet
    Best Price: £1.40Inc VAT£1.16Exc VAT
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  6. Green
    Portwest Nitrosafe Plus Chemical Gauntlet
    Best Price: £2.22Inc VAT£1.85Exc VAT
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  7. Green
    Portwest Extended Length Nitrile Gauntlet
    Best Price: £6.08Inc VAT£5.07Exc VAT
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  8. Yellow/Blue
    Portwest Double Dipped Latex Gauntlet
    Best Price: £1.35Inc VAT£1.12Exc VAT
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  9. Black
    Portwest Heavyweight Latex Rubber Gauntlet
    Best Price: £9.04Inc VAT£7.54Exc VAT
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  10. Black
    Portwest Heavyweight Latex Rubber Gauntlet 600mm
    Best Price: £11.01Inc VAT£9.18Exc VAT
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  11. Black
    Portwest Neoprene Chemical Gauntlet
    Best Price: £3.45Inc VAT£2.88Exc VAT
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  12. Black
    Portwest ESD PVC Chemical Gauntlet
    Best Price: £5.34Inc VAT£4.45Exc VAT
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