Grip Gloves

Grip Gloves are a type of specialised hand protection that provides you with excellent traction and grip in the workplace. These gloves are constructed from materials such as latex, rubber, or neoprene, providing high durability and flexibility. Grip gloves are designed to improve your grip and reduce the risk of slippage, making them ideal for workers in industries such as agriculture, forestry, and landscaping. These gloves are an essential component of any PPE kit, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting worker safety.

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  1. Blue
    Portwest Liquid Pro Essential Multipack (Pk12)
    Best Price: £18.91Inc VAT£15.76Exc VAT
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  2. Grey/Black
    Portwest DermiFlex Plus Essential Multipack (Pk12)
    Best Price: £20.96Inc VAT£17.47Exc VAT
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  3. Grey/Black
    Portwest DermiFlex Essential Multipack (Pk12)
    Best Price: £16.77Inc VAT£13.97Exc VAT
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  4. Yellow
    Portwest Hi-Vis Grip Glove - Latex
    Best Price: £1.99Inc VAT£1.66Exc VAT
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  5. White
    Portwest Microdot Glove
    Best Price: £0.85Inc VAT£0.71Exc VAT
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  6. White/Blue
    Portwest Classic Polka Dot Glove
    Best Price: £0.41Inc VAT£0.34Exc VAT
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  7. White/Blue
    Portwest Polka Dot Plus Glove
    Best Price: £0.77Inc VAT£0.64Exc VAT
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  8. White/Grey
    Portwest Grip 13 PVC Dotted Touchscreen Glove (Pk12)
    Best Price: £9.78Inc VAT£8.15Exc VAT
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  9. White/Green
    Portwest Latex Open Back Crinkle Glove
    Best Price: £1.41Inc VAT£1.18Exc VAT
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  10. Portwest Grip 13 Nitrile 3 Fingerless Glove (Pk12)
    Portwest Grip 13 Nitrile 3 Fingerless Glove (Pk12)
    Best Price: £9.70Inc VAT£8.08Exc VAT
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  11. White/Grey
    Portwest Flexo Grip Nitrile Glove (Vending)
    Best Price: £0.69Inc VAT£0.58Exc VAT
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  12. Portwest Vending Flexo Grip Glove (288 Pairs)
    Portwest Vending Flexo Grip Glove (288 Pairs)
    Best Price: £160.29Inc VAT£133.58Exc VAT
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