Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles provide crucial eye protection from hazardous materials, chemicals, and particles. They offer you superior impact resistance, anti-fogging, and optical clarity. These goggles are typically made from materials like PVC or polycarbonate and are commonly used in industries such as construction, laboratories, and manufacturing. Safety goggles are an essential part of any worker's personal protective equipment kit, safeguarding against eye injuries and ensuring optimal eye safety.

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  1. Portwest Tech Look Plus Spectacles
    Portwest Tech Look Plus Spectacles
    Best Price: £4.48Inc VAT£3.73Exc VAT
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    Portwest Portwest Chemical Goggles
    Best Price: £4.17Inc VAT£3.47Exc VAT
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    Portwest Ultra Safe Goggles
    Best Price: £9.75Inc VAT£8.12Exc VAT
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    Portwest Impervious Safety Goggles
    Best Price: £9.98Inc VAT£8.32Exc VAT
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    Portwest Direct Vent Goggles
    Best Price: £1.34Inc VAT£1.11Exc VAT
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    Portwest Indirect Vent Goggles
    Best Price: £1.81Inc VAT£1.51Exc VAT
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    Portwest Challenger Goggles
    Best Price: £3.69Inc VAT£3.08Exc VAT
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    Portwest Ultra Vista Goggles
    Best Price: £5.19Inc VAT£4.32Exc VAT
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    Portwest Ultra Vista Goggles Unvented
    Best Price: £8.10Inc VAT£6.75Exc VAT
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    Portwest Slim Safety Goggles
    Best Price: £4.32Inc VAT£3.60Exc VAT
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