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What are the Key Benefits of Screen Printing Your Workwear?

The benefits of screen printing workwear over other decorative techniques are numerous; that is why it is such a popular means of branding clothing, uniforms, hi-vis and workwear items.

Below are the 7 key benefits of the screen printing technique.

A Clean Look for Your Logos

Screen printing is a great way to produce an overall appearance which is clean and smooth. When applied to your workwear items, from T-shirts to Hi Vis Safety Clothing, they will look professional. 

The logo sits nicely as an extension of the garment itself looking bold and clear.

Colour Control for Your Branding

Compared to other techniques such as DTG (direct to garment) and embroidery, screen printing allows fine colour control. The specialised inks are mixed and matched by trained specialists in our Ink Kitchen which allows for a precise colour match.

The colour pigments are tightly controlled to ensure that it matches your specific brand colours as close as possible.

Please note the colours that appear on a digital screen monitor may not be an exact match to the screen printed design in reality, due to the way screens emit coloured light. However, it will be as close a match as it is humanly possible to achieve.

Screen printing is a specialised skill and XAMAX® have been printing garments using this technique for decades.

This means expert printers can manage and control the colours to the exact requirement you desire once you have approved the samples. 

Image shows pots of paint used for screen printing
Screen Print Inks in their natural habitat - The Ink Kitchen.

Sharp Details & Contrasts

Screen printing also allows you to recreate clear contrasts and sharp details.

The depth of colour created by this process means that we can achieve the strongest possible contrast when you use a garment colour chosen to contrast your logo or branding.

Please bear this in mind when choosing your Workwear/T-Shirts/Hoodies/etc and what colour branding you want to place on them. If you need any advice or ideas, speak to our specialised team (our number is at the top of the site).

Images shows screen print on a charcoal t-shirt

Lightweight Addition to the Garment

Screen print does not affect the garment in terms of its weight or performance. It is a means of using inks and dyes to add your logo into the garment in the least intrusive way.

You will not notice any change in the usability of the garment itself other than in terms of appearance.

If this is important for your industry - working in highly active roles - then screen printing will definitely give you the type of non-obstructive branding you need.

Image shows screen print operation

Versatile Use & Consistency of Design

There are no limitations in terms of materials and the products you can screen print. With the ability to control the colours perfectly against Pantones, your workwear branding will match with no inconsistencies.

Image shows t-shirt samples

Dynamic & Modern Appearance

If you have a lively and active appearance in your brand logos, then screen printing can help achieve this. Strong contrasts and sharp, precise details allow you to capture your business’ modern looking logo design.

This is especially true if you have used the style of flat design in your branding. The simple colour blocking style encouraged with screen printing suits these logos, in particular.

Long Lasting Print Quality

The inks used in screen printing are ultra durable and become an extension of the fabric itself once the process is complete. You can rely on the printed imagery to last for the lifetime of the garment itself (subject to expected washing and usage).

Screen printing is a cost effective way to customise your uniforms and/or workwear when producing a large number of items. The result of this technique has an impressive lifespan so long as it is cared for correctly.

XAMAX® guarantee that our screen print will outlast the garment.