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Hi-Vis Workwear, Clothing & Accessories

BSiF LogoHi-Vis items are vital for safety in the dynamic workplace, ensuring that you can always be seen, no matter what the lighting conditions, time, or season. There are a wide range of high visibility items available, each of which contributes to protecting you from accidents at work or on the journey to or from the site. It is essential for your safety that you stand out from the gloom and that is why you will not only find hi vis clothing but also headwear and accessories.

You will find all kinds of high visibility clothing & PPE at Xamax, with each item meeting the relevant safety standards for the job it is designated for. To find out whether the item you require is suitable for your industry or task, look at the individual product page where you will find the relevant information.

Whether you want hi visibility bodywarmers and gilets, bomber, fleece, softshells, or other jackets, there is an option to suit you. Essentially, you can find hi vis outerwear for every task and weather condition at Xamax. There are also overalls, hoodies, trousers, sweatshirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, and vests.

In terms of accessories, you could pick up a high visibility bag that is ideal to transport your personal items to and from sites without compromising on safety, and headwear that adds an extra dimension to your workwear during your shift.

Some high visibility items feature glow in the dark capabilities and others come with LEDs and other light emitting components so you can further bolster your safety during the working day. Whatever the item that you want, take a look at the selection of high visibility goods at Xamax to ensure that your staff are as safe and protected as possible when working.