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SEE, BE SEEN, STAY SAFE - How the latest in wearable LED technology can help keep your workforce safe

Night-time. The only light is the shimmering of the Stars billions of miles away. You can barely see your hand in front of your face...

What good is reflective Hi-Visibility PPE in these conditions?

There needs to be an external light source or that Hi-Vis Jacket is just a Jacket. You can't simply rely on drivers having their head-lights on for your road gang to be seen. You can't hope your generators have enough fuel to power your spot lamps. These days we can't even guarantee the electric being on to power the lighting.

All potential points of failure which are effectively outside your control

You and your workforce deserve to be safe - no job is worth a life or a limb - you need to think about the extras you can do to ensure a safe and productive working environment for yourself and your staff.

Be seen with low cost LED wearable technology

LED clothing isn’t a particularly new concept and it hasn’t taken long for the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) industry to appreciate the practical applications of LED lamps. Low power usage with high light emission and modern batteries make this tech perfect for continued use in low light conditions.

And it's not just all-singing-all-dancing Hi-visibility vests with built in LED lights - products are available to convert existing clothing (PPE or not) into light emitting safety wear at extremely low cost: Illuminated Shoe clips that make any shoe, boot or trainer into a beacon, Clip-on and Magnetic LED units that fit on any coat or jacket, LED Zip Pullers to fix on any zipper of any garment, Flashing LED Armbands that go over any garment or even bare arms. 

The list isn't endless, but it's getting longer by the day. 

The Health & Safety industry is just getting started with this concept but it's clear that even in low or zero light, you and your staff can be seen and above all else, safe.

    Seeing in low light conditions is as important as being seen

Even if Hi-Visibility workwear is sufficient in the conditions you or your staff work in, is there enough light to complete tasks safely and productively? Even when there is a high powered light source such as generator fed spot lamps or building lighting, shadows will be cast making the work area difficult.

With wearable LED technologies, you can ensure your workforce can see well during low light conditions to fulfil their roles effectively. Head mounted torches have come a long way since the rise of the LED.

Now I know what you're thinking... BIG EXPENSIVE BATTERIES... right?

Well... gone are the days of carrying heavy battery packs on the side of your head to power a head-torch that eventually gets so hot you have to take it off - that's if the batteries last that long. Nowadays LED lights give off huge amounts of light relative to their power usage, batteries have become much smaller and more efficient, and recharging can be done from a simple USB plug.

For Instance, the Beanie LED Head Light available at Xamax gives off 150 Lumens of bright white light over a 10m cast and uses just 1/10 of the power of a flourescent light with the same output. The in built battery is chargeable by USB (so anywhere you'd charge your mobile phone) and lasts 4 hours on a relatively short charge.

The light itself is easily removable so the warm Beanie can be washed. They truly are an innovation!

So what are you going to do about your employee's low-light safety?

Personally - this is just me - now that I know these things exist and are not only cost-effective but would save me lost days of production, I would be looking into kitting every single one of my employees out with whatever LED tech fits into their job description. I would be looking at everybody's roles and doing a quick low-light work risk assessment and considering what may be outside my own control and how these new innovations could help me protect my staff.

I would shop around, see what is available and find the right products for my own specific needs.

Then I would give XAMAX Workplace Solutions a call on 0333 920 5674, because I know they're not only friendly and knowledgeable, they'll also match any like for like quote.