Whether you need to find your way around in the dark, or to search the bottom of your toolbox at night, a torch is a vital piece of kit for any professional. With the latest in modern LED technology, torches and personal lighting systems have become lighter weight, less expensive and longer lasting - not to mention more powerful.

Below we introduce some of the latest hand-held and hands-free torches available in the Portwest range. From small pocket sized Tactical torches to bigger units that could easily be described as light-cannons!

Keep reading to find the best personal lighting solution for you requirements.

LED Pocket Torches

Designed to be small enough to fit into your pocket, but bright enough to not be a waste of time - here are 2 of the latest offerings available from XAMAX®.


The PA68 by Portwest is an incredibly efficient pocket torch with outstanding brightness and a long run time considering it only requires a single AA battery. A knurled aluminium casing provides fantastic grip and resistance to impacts in heavy duty environments.

It has a compact design for portability in a pocket and comes complete with a removable belt clip, perfect for a uniformed professional.

Portwest PA68 Specs

Image of a PA68 LED Torch
PA68 High Powered LED Torch
  • Brightness: 300 Lumens
  • Run Time: 4 hours
  • Batteries Included AA x 1
  • Beam Distance 150m max
  • Function High-Medium-Flash
  • Wrist strap for secure handling
  • Handy belt clip for easy transportation
  • CE certified


This strong and durable precision engineered aluminium shell torch, uses new CREE technology giving up to 10 times more brightness than current L.E.Ds. A telescopic zoom function allows adjustable focus from floodlit to spotlit settings.

The rubber on/off button is ergonomically designed for easy use even when wearing gloves. The PA54 tactical torch has a built in hand strap and also comes with a useful belt clip.

Portwest PA54 Specs

PA54 Tactical Torch
  • Brightness: 180 Lumens
  • Run time: 8 Hours
  • Batteries Included AAA x 3
  • Beam Distance 300m max
  • Function High-Medium-Flash
  • Wrist strap for secure handling
  • Handy belt clip for easy transportation
  • CE certified

LED Hand Torches

Hand torches are for longer range use than a pocket torch. You might recognise them as camping torches or being used by Police Officers and other Security personnel.


Portwest's PA61 is a BEAST! The quite frankly staggering 800 Lumen beam from a single CREE LED can be focused to cast upto 500 metres - that's half a Kilometre (as if we needed to tell you).

Of course all that light comes at a cost in both weight and power, but three D batteries will still give you 40 hours of continuous use. The aluminium construction is water resistant and you get 4 different light functions: High beam, Medium Beam, Flash and SOS.

This unit is perfect for security personnel, rescue, law enforcement but can be useful for any professional who requires a long beam at night

Portwest PA61 Specs

Image of a PA61 High Powered LED Torch
PA61 High Powered Torch
  • Brightness: 800 Lumens
  • Run Time: 40 hours
  • Batteries Included D x3
  • Beam Distance 500m max
  • Function High-Medium-Flash-SOS
  • Wrist strap for secure handling
  • Water Resistant
  • CE certified


This classic ergonomically designed torch has a rubberised body for extra grip - this is the kind of torch everyone remembers. Powered by 2x D sized batteries, the 7 LED cluster will emit a beam of 31 Lumens up to 50 metres for up to 8 hours.

Being rubberised, the PA69 is impact and water resistant and includes a wrist strap for added secure holding.

Portwest PA60 Specs

Image of a PA60 Rubberised LED Torch
PA60 Rubberised Torch
  • Brightness: 31 Lumens
  • Run time: 8 Hours
  • Batteries Included D x2
  • Beam Distance 50m max
  • Wrist strap for secure handling
  • CE certified

LED Head Torches

Sometimes you need your hands free to do your job, to carry materials or tools, or just for added comfort. A Head Torch allows you to see wherever you point your head - often seen atop a rambler, they can be a Godsend for workers. From Lift Engineers to Car Mechanics, it doesn't have to be pitch black to gain an advantage from having extra light where you need it.

Waterproof Headtorch - pa69

Portwest have created the PA69 head torch for all weathers and all applications. Waterproof to 25m, this head torch has 3 light functions with a 180 Lumen beam cast up to 300 metres. You can get 4 hours of run time from the 3x AAA batteries (included)

Portwest PA69 Specs

Image of a PA69 Waterproof Head Torch
PA69 Head Torch
  • Brightness: 180 Lumens
  • Run Time: 4 hours max
  • Batteries Included: AAA x3
  • Beam Distance 300m max
  • Function: High-Medium-Flash Rubber head strap
  • Water Proof up to 25m
  • CE certified


It's a head torch, but not as we know it - it is a Beanie hat with a removable torch unit you recharge via USB. The built in battery pack will last up to 4 hours on a single charge, giving off a 150 Lumen light beam illuminating up to 15 metres.

The hat itself is machine washable and comes in 5 colours - Black, Navy, Grey, Orange and Yellow - and could be embroidered with a company logo if desired.

Portwest BO29 Specs

Image of a BO29 Head Light Beanie Hat
BO29 Beanie Hat with Rechargeable LED Torch
  • Brightness: 150 Lumens
  • Run time: 4 Hours
  • Batteries: Built in, USB rechargeable
  • Beam Distance 15m max
  • Warm, Machine Washable Beanie Hat
  • CE certified

So which torch is best for you?

We can't answer that here, but if you were to give one of our lovely team a call on 0333 920 5560 they'll guide you through what's on offer for the jobs you do.