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How to Safely Remove Disposable Rubber Gloves - 6 Step Graphic

You need to know how to safely remove your disposable gloves without contaminating yourself - otherwise what's the point of wearing them in the first place?

Unless you learn the procedure to taking off your single use gloves safely, you are putting your hands and health at risk. That's the same risk as not wearing any hand protection at all.

Luckily, it's very easy. Simply follow the 6 step procedure, as laid down by our friends over at Globus. The procedure is the same for latex gloves or latex-free disposables

Pinch, Peel, Pull - Slide, Peel, Pull

Infographic: ©2015 Globus (Shetland) Ltd
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Remember: Only touch the clean inside of the glove with the bare clean hands. Everything else stays away from the skin for safe disposal.

Now Bin

Make sure they go directly in the bin. Do not put them in your pocket. Do not leave them lying around. Put them straight in the bin.

Now Wash Your Hands

Incase you didn't know, here's a handy video showing the WHO technique of washing hands. Imagine the black ink is soap.

Stay Safe.