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Clothing Personalisation with Indirect Print Techniques

INDIRECT PRINT is the catch all name for the garment decoration technique of applying inks to a vinyl that is then transferred onto the garment.

XAMAX® uses 2 different kinds of indirect printing depending on your requirements: Heat Seal and Full Colour Vinyl Transfer. Although almost the same print technique, they have differences that cannot be ignored.

Don't worry - XAMAX® have over 20 years experience in transfer processes. You will receive full advice on the most suitable process for your job needs, even if that requires a direct printing process instead of the following indirect.

Heat Seal

This is a "trace & cut" technique that is best suited for simple logo and lettering - such as the style of customisation you might find on the back of a Hi Vis Vest. It is relatively inexpensive compared to DTG or screen printing and is very well suited to industrial and construction company applications as well as very low volume print runs.

Designs are either printed onto vinyl, or a coloured vinyl is used, depending on the job. Computer Aided Design (CAD) accurately cuts through to the backing and excess vinyl is removed by hand in a process known as "weeding". The garment and design are heat-pressed together for a short time before the backing is removed, leaving a crisp, flexible, washable print that is highly resistant to wear and guaranteed to outlast the lifetime of the garment.

Full Colour Vinyl Transfer

For more complicated designs that wouldn't require the weeding, or simply cannot be weeded, a full colour print onto a clear vinyl would be done. The process of applying the design is exactly the same as for Heat Seal.

Depending on the size and detail of your design, heat transfers can be a very cost effective choice. Due to incorporating the use of mechanised printing in the way it does, the set up costs aren’t as high as they would be for screen printing, so this method is more friendly to budgets. If you would like to discuss this, or any of our other printing processes, further, don’t hesitate to get in touch.