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How Embroidered & Printed Workwear Bundles Save Time And Money

When making your first uniform order, it is common to think your budget will not allow you to gain a good quality uniform for your staff. Also, another common worry is ordering the wrong quantity of sizes. Many companies forget about customised workwear and miss out on the benefits that it will bring.

What if there is a solution for your budget? One where you can get everything you need and made-to order? Here is why printed or embroidered workwear bundles are a lifesaver.

Bundle Deal benefits:

Keep reading in order to see these benefits explained in more detail.

Lower Unit Cost Per Garment

Companies order customised workwear on an as and when basis. This can lead to a build up in frequent orders at higher prices over time. To maximise your savings, you can get lower cost options by looking at embroidered wearer pack workwear bundles.

Not every business needs a wholesale bulk order. You are reassured that you will use everything in the bundle at some point. Order quantities do not need to be as high in order to save money.

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Consistent Styles & Branding

It is easy to get lost when making your workwear order due to the wide range of brands, colours and styles that are out there. This can lead to mismatches which you will only realise once it arrives at your door.

Every brand, from Portwest to Gildan, have their own finishes and styles despite how similar they look in their images. It is important to be consistent with your workforce appearance. This will create memorable marketing and encourage effective brand recognition.

Workwear bundles will avoid the chance of mismatched workwear. Each bundle is made by the same manufacturer. This means all the items match and conform to a consistent style such as the colour, material or stitching detail. With an option of embroidery, it ensures your company will stand out from your competitors.

Remember, Xamax bundles include free embroidery. Standing out comes at no extra cost and you get more from your budget.

Prioritises the Essentials

As there are plenty of brands out there, the amount of workwear garments can be overwhelming. From fleeces, combat trousers and even socks, it is hard to pinpoint what you need. This is where workwear bundles come in.

Embroidered workwear bundles make it easier for you. They allow you to kit out your employees with the items they need to conduct their role because it is handpicked by experts. Whether you centre the bundle around that individual or the team, it means that you will stay within regulation. For example, PPE bundles comply with the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulation 1991 so you are staying legal and your employees are safe.

When you prioritise the essential items, there are no delays to start dates or deadlines as it contains everything to keep your employees warm, dry and safe while on the job. With no follow-up orders to account for forgotten items, you will save money on delivery costs.

Speeds up the Ordering Process

There are two main reasons workwear bundles are put together. The first is to be cost effective and the second to make the ordering process simple for you.

When you choose a workwear bundle over creating your own order, you know that every item in your bundle is dispatched and will arrive at the same time. Also, if the bundle is in stock, so is each item. This means you will have no missing items on arrival making it simple and easy.

You can minimise downtime with a Xamax workwear bundle along with the time it takes to complete your order. All you need to do is specify the sizes and colours for each item.

Varied Selections

There is a common idea that workwear bundles are limited due to the pre-selected nature. It may surprise you to learn that is in fact the opposite.

It is possible to get a bundle for your budget containing what you need because of the growing demand for workwear across all industries. These bundles can include a customised polo shirt for the summer, a branded fleece in the winter and/or printed high visibility clothing for low light conditions. 

Xamax Workplace Solutions offer a bundle for each garments rather than seasonal purposes.

These embroidered or printed workwear bundles are ideal for replacements to any existing uniform policy you have in place. Rather than ordering a full set of garments, you can get what you need.

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Why Workwear Needs to Stand Out

Embroidered and printed workwear bundles allow you to get everything you need in a short amount of time and for less money. You do not have the worry of surplus garments or delayed items from your workwear order.

At an affordable price, it is difficult not to consider a bundle option. With so many bundle options available, from printed hoodies to embroidered fleeces, you need to ensure your branding application technique is fit for your workwear uses.

You will find that print is the right option for certain clothing or brand styles. Embroidery is ideal for those looking for a long term option and workwear longevity. It will prove cheaper despite a higher initial purchase cost.


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This gives us an idea of which member of our team could best help you.