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PPE Scams in the COVID Era - How To Protect Yourself

As if you didn't have enough to worry about at the minute, it has been brought to our attention that there are some very sophisticated PPE scams doing the rounds. As your trusted BSiF Registered Safety Supplier, XAMAX® are passing on the information we have recently received from one of our trusted suppliers.

One of our major suppliers of disposable gloves is UNIGLOVES. They are BSiF registered with full traceability, which is why we supply our customers with their product.

Over the past few weeks they have noticed scams using their brand name.

Unigloves said about these scams:

Some involve companies trading under names similar to our group companies such as 'Unigloves Berhad', with fake documentation to match. Others include various distributors, who appear to be real companies, claiming to hold large quantities of our stock, usually in Holland, but also in the UK. They will typically provide our branded documents and certificates, and supply photos or videos purporting to show our gloves. We assume the aim is to secure deposits from prospective purchasers.

As the sole manufacturer and distributor of 'Unigloves' branded products, we are very much aware of who holds our stock.

Chris Wahlers
Managing Director
Unigloves (UK)

There are similar scams involving face masks and eye protection doing the rounds. Even if you do receive some product, it is only guaranteed to comply with legislation (ie: be safe to use in the workplace) if it comes from a BSiF Registered Safety Supplier.

With that in mind:

  • If you receive any correspondence from a company you do not know offering you any PPE, assume the worst.
  • Only buy your PPE from a BSiF Registered Safety Supplier. Find a list of suppliers here.
  • Ensure any PPE you purchase is accompanied with the correct documentation. You can download a free CE Certificate Checklist from BSiF to help identify falsehoods here.
  • Ensure you get your information from a trustworthy source. ie: a BSiF registered Safety Supplier - if you were to trust the press, you may think a KN95 is a safe and legal alternative to an FFP3 mask. IT IS NOT.

Look for this logo:

BSiF Registered Safety Supplier Logo
BSiF Registered Safety Supplier scheme logo

Only companies legitimately registered as safety suppliers with the BSiF are legally allowed to display it. This ensures the company you are dealing with follows stringent supply and distribution protocols, that make their products traceable from manufacture to your stocks and guaranteed compliant with all Health & Safety standards and legislation.

By being careful we can keep ourselves and each other safe. These are strange times indeed, bringing out the best (and worst) in humanity - taking just a minute to double check could save an entire life.