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Can Customised Workwear Improve Staff Morale And Productivity?

The short answer is, "Yes". Customised workwear can improve productivity, morale, marketing success and brand awareness. There's all sorts of reasons and we explore them further in this blog post.

Boosting Brand Strength Boosts The Identity Of The Business

And this makes staff feel part of something. "Something" which is strong, unified and working towards a shared goal. All of these characteristics are, of course, ones which you would want to promote within your team. So why wouldn't you want to promote them across the whole business?

Customised workwear shows that your business is expecting a long and fruitful future as you have invested in clothing which will be used again and again. How your workwear looks is a telling marker of the state of your business generally. Worn out, threadbare workwear suggests a company is operating at a lower level in every aspect, so can actually have a detrimental effect on the bottom line. This is because customers, potential clients and would-be employees all see your workwear and judge your business on the back of it.

Likewise, employees may judge their employer against the workwear provided to other people in their industry. If competitors or similar sized companies are treating their staff more favourably in terms of quality of workwear, it can (rightly or wrongly) make your employees feel like they are hard done to. This can result in a reduction in ability to retain staff and an increased cost to recruit replacements.

Personalising workwear and/or uniforms can be done in a few ways; either personalising to the company, personalising to the individual or combining aspects of both.

Customising workwear with corporate branding (even if it is different items of clothing for different job roles or levels of authority) unifies all departments within the business and helps to foster a team spirit. When personalisation to each individual staff member is also included, your employees will be recognised as people and individuals, alongside being an employee, and feel the better for it.

Other benefits of providing workwear are enhanced when it is customised. Providing hi vis PPE or other work clothing removes the hassle of choosing, sourcing and maintaining working clothes. Staff can take advantage of this service you provide them and even be rewarded with tax relief. If you invest in uniforms or customised workwear for your staff, it leaves them feeling rewarded.

And This Boosts Productivity

Because happier staff work more productively, if you can increase morale by providing personalised workwear, the knock-on effect from an improved mentality is an increase in pride in their work and willingness to go further for the business.

Personalised workwear is unlikely to create this effect on its own, but when combined with a healthy company structure and atmosphere, it can boost all the other good things going on inside your business. Part of this is because, when wearing a uniform they can be proud of, staff feel good about the company and make the association between the positive atmosphere at work and the logo visible on their clothing.

On a slightly different point, when staff are wearing a uniform they are also more conscious of their actions. So, if they work in a public setting, the uniform can promote positive behaviours and attitudes.

Other Benefits

All of this has barely touched upon the other benefits to the business of customised workwear, uniforms and PPE. Improved staff morale and productivity are great, but they aren't the only benefit to customised workwear.

Each and every time that your employees are wearing your customised workwear items, they are showcasing your business and brand. If your staff are in a positive frame of mind about the business, and you choose workwear items which they would be happy to wear outside of the workplace, this can be an effective way of promoting the brand wherever they go.

In terms of marketing and improving brand influence, a study from Suffolk University has found, over 70% of consumers, across various industries, stated that customised uniforms are more effective than TV advertising, radio advertising, billboards and newspaper ads.

Hopefully, if all of these advertising benefits don't persuade you that customised workwear is the preferable option, then consider the massive improvement to staff morale and overall productivity.