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Workwear Supplier Vs. Sourcing Solo: Which Is More Cost Effective?

When it comes to buying workwear, you'll understandably have concerns about where to buy from. After just a few minutes of research, you'll have found there are two main options: going through a workwear supplier or organising everything yourself. To make a decision, you'll likely choose price as the determining factor. So, which one is cheaper? The short answer - workwear suppliers are cheaper

Workwear suppliers find you the cheapest price. You might be able to find that same price on your own. Going from one place to another, calling countless businesses for a quote or browsing through eBay comparing prices of polo shirts, but a workwear supplier does all this for you. They know the industry back to front and have relationships with the distributors to get better prices than you can on your own. So, not only do you get the best price from work wear suppliers, you also don't need to spend hours to find it either.

What are the other benefits of workwear suppliers over trying to source solo? There are several ways your business and employees will be better off with a workwear supplier. We'll detail all the added extras you get with a workwear supplier. These are:

A Dedicated Accounts Manager Your Workwear, Uniforms and PPE From The Same Place Reassurance Of Continuity Of Products Site Visits For Large Businesses Accurate Orders and Branding Fixed Term Pricing A Dedicated Accounts Manager

A workwear supplier will allocate you a dedicated account manager. Or if you're a large business, an account team. They ask you questions rather than you calling up and asking a tailor what they can offer. They ask you about your budget, your industry, custom artwork or logos, how many employees you have and what styles do you prefer? And these are just the opening questions.

They'll collate your answers to find the gear that works the best for you. Or, you can come to them with something specific in mind. Whatever you'd like - they work with you.

Your Workwear, Uniforms and PPE From The Same Place

Many organisations need a mixture of workwear, uniforms and PPE. It could be hi-vis jackets, branded polo shirts and trousers. Or it could be steel toe capped boots and company hoodies. You may need a different uniform for your workers in the warehouse to the admin staff in the office. Finding the best price for PPE and uniforms and personalised logo uniform may mean going to three different shops. Or, you can get them all from the same place for the best price with a supplier.

Reassurance Of Continuity Of Products

Solo sourcing scenario: You find the perfect shop for your uniform shirts. The price is great, the style is fantastic and it has in stock everything you need. One year later, you've grown as a company, you need 30 more shirts for your new employees. You call up the shop and they don't have it any more. They stopped making it or it's going to be months before you'll be able to get it again. Either way, you're in the lurch, having to choose between undergoing two types of uniforms for your business or buying all new, again.

This isn't going to happen with a workwear supplier. Any good workwear specialist will provide you with a reassurance of continuity of products. They'll find you reliable products which won't be out 6 months or 12 months down the line.

Site Visits For Large Businesses

Large businesses will get some added benefits, too. One of those is a site visit. They come to measure your employees. If you have to do this yourself and supply sizes on your own, you can easily make mistakes.

It's so easy to read 32 inches instead of 34 inches when measuring. And do you place the measuring tape tightly around the waist and take that measurement? Or do you leave a gap with the measuring tape to ensure breathing room? And how much breathing room should you leave? Or do they take that into consideration already? It's an overwhelming job so let the supplier take care of it.

Accurate Orders and Branding

Specialist suppliers are just that - specialists. There's no errors or incorrect amounts. Or if for some reason there is, the supplier sorts it all out and resolves the problem.

When you're doing it on your own, you'll face the risk of incorrectly inputting orders or amounts. With just one extra press of zero, you order 1000 hoodies instead of 100, which could be detrimental.

Branding can also be an issue when going it alone. If you want your logo on the clothing, you've no way of knowing if the resolution is right or whether it's going to turn out blurry once it's printed on the shirts. The accounts manager will be able to mock up a version and check whether everything suits and fits together.

Remove the risk of incorrect orders and branding by going through a workwear supplier.

Fixed Term Pricing

You can arrange great terms with your supplier, too. If you've had a bulk order, you'll be able to arrange fixed term pricing. This means you'll agree the same price next time you come to order. So, not only can you get the exact same uniform in 12 months time, you can also get it for the same price, too.

So, those are just a handful of the benefits of choosing a workwear supplier over going it alone. But, not all workwear suppliers are created equal. Xamax offer all this and more, including 24-hour fulfilment, free sampling, no minimum orders, free logo setup and 24/7 ordering service. Browse our selection or get in touch to see what else we can do for you.

Have you consulted your employees on the upcoming uniform changes? Do they know that you're choosing the styles and the design for them? They might not be too happy with the fit if they didn't help decide.

Create A Uniform Policy To Ensure Employee Satisfaction

Rushing head first into a uniform style is a surefire way to create unhappy employees. They're going to be reluctant to changes they haven't been a part of. Creating a uniform policy with employee feedback is the best way to ensure everyone is happy with the new workwear.

Download our free uniform policy pack to get all the information you need to ensure a smooth transition to the new uniform and ensure everyone is on board. The pack includes customisable templates for all the key documents. Download now to save yourself hours of drafting and writing time. 


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To request a call back, please fill in the short form and one of our friendly team members will call you back.

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Why do we ask?
This gives us an idea of which member of our team could best help you.