XAMAX® Back Ordering Policy

What is a back order?

A Back Order is when an item you have ordered is unfortunately out of stock with the supplier. Usually we can get relatively accurate re-stocking dates. If that date is fine by you, your item will be ordered for that date and XAMAX® will ship it to you once we have it.

When might my order need back ordering

The stock levels on the website are updated from all our suppliers each night, and some even more regularly. Occassionally customers will order items that are considered low stock by the website but have actually already gone out of stock since our stock data was updated. We've tried to avoid this, but sometimes this simply happens due to constraints on supplier technology or simply bad luck. If this happens, your XAMAX® account manager will be in touch to offer you a back order for that item.

What if I'm unhappy with the offered back order date?

If the date of re-stock is not acceptable to you, we fully understand. Your account manager will then search for a suitable replacement item. All variables of the order item will be taken into consideration: e.g. Colour, Size, Material, Price, and specific useage.
The replacement items will be offered to you at the market rate as advertised on our website at the time. If the new item is a lower price, you will be offered a refund or an account credit, depending on the type of customer you are. Should the replacement item be a higher price, account managers will use their descretion and company policy on a cas-by-case basis.

Why do you offer products that are out of stock for immediate sale?

As noted above, sometimes this is unavoidable. We have worked hard to provide customers with an ordering system that amalgamates the stock availability of multiple distributors, suppliers and manufacturers, but sometimes technology constraints make this data not quite as accurate as we would like.

Also, you'll find items that we have marked as "out of stock" or for back order on competitor websites marked as "In Stock". We see this right across the workwear market. If it is out of stock on our website, it is genuinely out of stock across the UK. Other businesses ignore stock data and let customers simply buy something that is unavailable so they don't miss the sale. We'd rather have happy customers.

Don't you hold stock in your warehouse?

Some, but it would be impossible and very expensive to hold everything. At time of writing we have over 200k variations (colour/size) of product on our website. Imagine the size of warehouse we would need to hold just 1 of each, let alone the 100 of each we would likely need on a day-to-day basis.
In order to avoid the huge costs of warehousing, we utilise a Just In Time (JiT) procurement system and take delivery of product to our warehouse in 12-48 hours of your order. This helps us keep our costs way down, which in turn allows us to give customers the most competitive prices in the UK all year round.

But I need my workwear/uniform immediately!

Are you sure? Even if you do, it would still need planning, picking, decorating, inspecting, packing and shipping. We advise all our customers to plan their uniforms and workwear accordingly. Our turn-around is generally 5-10 working days to get it through the processes needed (un-decorated items can be available for pick-up in 24-48 hours).

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