XAMAX® Best Price Promise

What is the XAMAX® Best Price Promise?


We promise to give all customers the absolute best price on all our products based on the cost to us plus our required margin. Any discounts we get will be passed on to the customer.

For instance: If we get a better rate from our suppliers depending on the number of each garment we buy, this economy of scale is passed on to the customer.

So do XAMAX® offer any discounts, special offers or promotional codes?

Everything is already heavily discounted every day of the year. Where some companies inflate their prices only to drop them on Black Friday (et al), we find that our everyday prices tend to be much lower than their offer prices.

How do we keep our promise?

XAMAX® have long standing relationships and exclusive contracts with many different distributors across the UK and manufacturers across the globe. Our margins have been carefully calculated based on the needs of the company - any company owner would recognise these costs of doing business:

  • Paying our workers
  • Energy consumption
  • Maintenance of machinery and premises
  • Consumable usage
  • Investing in the future of the company
  • Taxation

Our website prices are updated nightly based on that day's price charged to us by each distributor. The website automatically selects the best price and adds our margin to create the price you see.

Even if you make a purchase over the phone, you'll still get the same great price displayed on the website.

Sometimes ranges or variations are discontinued. This usually results in those items being heavily discounted, but looking across our competitors, you'd never know it. Instead of taking that extra profit for ourselves, we pass those savings on to you.

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