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To ensure you receive the highest quality print, the fastest turnaround and lowest cost for your orders as possible, please try to adhere to these artwork guidelines.

We always do our best to create high quality print and embroidery from the artwork you provide us, but please bear in mind we are not magicians. For printed designs, the quality can only be as good as the artwork you provide us. It is in your interests to provide high definition, high quality artwork for us to work from, especially for detailed print.

For embroidery, it doesn't matter so much... but for print, the quality begins with your artwork.

Please upload or send your artwork in one of the following file types:


XAMAX® accept the following file types for your decorations
  .eps .pdf .ai .png .psd .jpg word. docx
Filetype: .eps .pdf .ai .png .psd .jpg/.jpeg .doc/.docx
Good for: embroideryprinting


NOTE: Screen Printing can only be set up from your vectored image files


NOTE: Screen Printing can only be set up from your vectored image files

embroideryprinting embroideryprinting embroidery embroidery


For all decoration types, be that Embroidered decoration, Screen printing or Transfer printing you files should be:

  + Maximum file size of 8MB (Eight Megabytes) - Larger files can be sent by WeTransfer or Google Drive - just drop the link in your order
  + File type must be one of the following: .jpg .png .bmp .psd .pdf .doc .docx .ie .eps
  + Please send in the colours you would like to be printed or embroidered
  + Screen print artwork must be sent over in a vectored format


Any questions, give us a ring: 01924 266668


Please bear in mind

  + Embroidery and print have limitations in intricate detail - we'll do our best to get it as close as possible though
  + Finished colours may not be an exact match to your artwork due to printing and embroidery processes
  + The larger your artwork filesize, the easier it is for us to produce the highest possible quality
  + If you are in doubt, please send the files directly and should there be any problems our team will be in touch with you to resolve them
  + Please be aware that during busy periods it can take up to 48 hours to set up and return designs


If you have any questions, please speak with our team or include a note for them to get in touch when placing your order.


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