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Grounds Maintenance PPE: Everything Your Team Needs

Now that winter is coming to an end and the ground is finally starting to thaw, your grounds maintenance team will have much more work to do. The warmer weather means that your employees can get to work outside, clearing winter debris and preparing the work site for the months ahead.

Make sure your team is working safely and efficiently by ensuring you're providing them with the appropriate workwear and equipment. Here's our guide to all of the grounds maintenance PPE your team will need. 

What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Do Your Workers Need?

PPE is particularly important during the temperamental Spring season because it encourages employees to work safely and responsibly, despite the hazards presented by the changing weather. You should ensure that your workers are wearing protective gear that is keeping them warm, dry and working safely in order to maximise productivity and morale. These include:

  • Eye Protection
  • Safety Gloves
  • Overalls & Outerwear
  • Polo Shirts
  • Reinforced Trousers
  • Safety Footwear

Before you select the PPE that your workers will use, consider the following:

Assess the nature of the jobs and what hazards your workers might be exposed to. Remember that different jobs come with a different set of hazards and risks.

Choose products which are CE marked in line with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002 and the update in 2016. Xamax can advise you about this.

If workers will be wearing more than one item of PPE, ensure they can be used together. For example, wearing safety glasses may affect the seal of a respirator, which will then cause air leaks.

Train your workers how to use the PPE, such as safely removing gloves without contaminating their skin. Ensure your workers also know when PPE should be used and why they're being used in the first place. 

Eye Protection

Your grounds maintenance team should be wearing safety goggles anyway in order to protect their eyes from hazards their job role might present to them, such as dust particles, debris and chemicals splashing up. However, during spring, it becomes sunnier, which can create glares that momentarily blind and distract your workers from their tasks. This can be dangerous, particularly if they're in the middle of a hazardous job, such as using a chainsaw or drill. 

Invest in safety glasses with smoke or polarised lenses to reduce blinding brightness and minimise glare, ensuring your workers can safely carry out their tasks. 

We recommend The Portwest Umbra Polarised Spectacle or The Portwest Fossa Spectacles

Safety Gloves

Safety gloves are a useful tool that's often overlooked, but they're just as necessary as the more obvious safety gear such as hardhats and hi-vis jackets. A decent pair of Rigger Gloves are essential kit, but notnecessarily the only gloves they'll need.

There are various types of safety gloves available for a reason - there is no one universal glove that will suit all types of jobs and the different hazards that come with them.

From being resistant to heat and corrosive chemicals to offering insulation or vibration resistance, you should always invest in gloves that fall in line with EN-standards and protect your workers' hands from occupational hazards. You can take a look at our diverse range of safety gloves that meet a variety of needs.  

Overalls & Outerwear

The spring months might be a little sunnier than winter, but it's still quite cold outside, with temperatures reaching sub-zero in some parts of the country. And don't forget how temperamental British weather can be - it can be bright and sunny one minute, and then a torrential storm the next.

Ensure that your employees are wearing waterproof outerwear and good quality overalls to protect them from the elements. 

Investing in outerwear that comes with a variety of features, such as waterproof, insulation and hi visibility, wouldn't go amiss either. Your employees will be grateful that you're putting in the effort to keep them as safe as possible, which will make them happier and more productive. 

Polo Shirts

It's important that you also pay attention to what your workers are wearing underneath their jackets. Just because it's covered up doesn't mean that it matters any less. In fact, despite the fact that it's cold outside, your workers will still perspire due to the laborious nature of ground maintenance work.

In order to prevent overheating, they should be wearing high quality polo shirts that are made of insulating yet breathable material. That way, your workers will feel comfortable and are able to work more efficiently. 

As well as this, investing in high quality, uniform polo shirts will keep your workers looking smart and professional. Your employees are the face of your company, so it's important that their appearance, as well as their work ethic, represents everything that you stand for as a business. 

Reinforced Trousers

As your workers will be outside all day and vulnerable to the unpredictable spring weather, investing in reinforced trousers would go a long way in keeping them safe and comfortable.

There are various styles of work trousers available with features such as slanted pockets, multiple loops for tools to be hung on and removal knee pads that can be slotted into the trousers.

Consider all of these benefits and how useful they'd be for your workers before investing. 

We recommend the Action Trousers

Safety Footwear

Your grounds maintenance team will be on their feet all day, so they should be equipped with safety boots that are as comfortable and supportive as they are durable. It's worth investing in safety boots that are suitable for all weather conditions and ensure that every member of your team is wearing them for every shift.

It doesn't just stop at grounds maintenance PPE - there are many more things you need to consider when it comes to equipping your outdoor workers for spring. Get a head start by providing your workers with workwear necessities that best defend them against outdoor dangers.


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This gives us an idea of which member of our team could best help you.