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Steward Safety Supplies: Manager's Checklist

A stewards job is often to provide security and manage crowds at events - like football matches, festivals, concerts, and so on - and make sure everyone gets to where they need to be - see people to their seats or designated area. Stewards often act as a safety and security team too, and they need special supplies to keep the crowds safe, but to protect themselves too.

Crowds need to be managed effectively to prevent trampling and crushing too, but managers tasked with buying supplies for their steward teams are sometimes at a loss as where to begin, so we have compiled a list of the most used steward safety supplies. 

Managers are in charge of lots of moving parts - find the staff to cover events, buying enough uniforms and safety equipment for a large team, making the schedules, dealing with the logistics of it all, so managers have enough to worry about without having to add uniforms, supplies, and protective equipment to their list of concerns. 

Here’s a manager’s checklist of steward safety supplies:

☑ Two-Way Radios

Stewards need to be able to communicate so every person needs to have a walkie-talkie (or two way radio), tuned to the same frequency to be able to communicate.

Make sure all equipment is fully charged and spare batteries or spare equipment are available if needed.

☑ Latex/Nitrile Gloves

Some stewards are assigned the job of checking bags for glass bottles, food, drinks, and weapons. Since searching in stranger’s bags can be dirty and hazardous work (think germs that could cause illness), then you’ll want to provide your stewards with disposable gloves to do this task - latex or another substance will work such as nitrile for those with latex allergies.

Gloves also provide reassurance to the customers since they also feel necessary germs and dirt aren't making their way into their bags too. 

☑ Identification on Lanyards

Make sure everyone has official identification and they are wearing a branded lanyard. If everyone wears uniform and has official identification, any imposters can be spotted.

All workwear should be branded with your company name, and all employees should know what the official ID’s look like. Make sure everyone is accounted for.

☑ Branded Hi Vis Vests or Jackets

For crowd situation, custom branded Hi Vis jackets for cold weather are a great idea as are hi-vis vests for warmer weather. Hi-vis allows for greater visibility, and, if the venue is outside, you want to protect your stewards from the elements. Having your logo on the back can help identify everyone, and keep everyone looking the same.

XAMAX® offer hi-vis vests and Hi Vis jackets with free colour prints in our bundle deals.

☑ Branded Jackets

If you don’t want the Hi Vis option for your staff (decide if Hi Vis is the safest option - consult your staff too), then you can get branded jackets for your team. Jackets can be waterproof, windproof, light for summer, or warm for winter. There are lots of options!

XAMAX® has jacket bulk buy offers with free embroidery or prints.  

☑ Black Trousers

Black trousers are the best colour choice for stewards since dirt and mud doesn’t show up as readily. Make sure that the work trousers you select for your team are comfortable, durable, and appropriate for the weather. You may have to select waterproof trousers for really rainy events.

☑ Gloves

For winter events, be sure to provide warm gloves (in addition to the latex gloves) to keep your steward’s hands warm and protect them from the cold. If stewards have to check and write on or tear tickets, keep that in mind when you’re finding the right pair.

☑ Sunglasses

In the sun, you’ll want to protect your steward’s eyes from glare and harmful sunrays, so provide sunglasses options for your staff. Here are some safety glasses options we have at Xamax.

☑ Ear Protection

For especially noisy events, check the decibel level and give your workers the options of wearing ear plugs if they want to protect their hearing. Check out this guide to hearing protection to find out more about the type of hearing PPE your workers may need, and shop hearing protection here. Disposable earplugs are an inexpensive safety option for stewards.

☑ Safety Boots

Your stewards will need safe outdoor work shoes or boots to keep them protected from the elements. What they need will depend on conditions. For especially rainy and muddy events you may select wellington boots (don’t forget the warm socks), but for rugged terrain, you may want more of a waterproof hiking boot for your workers.

Some safety boots vary in weight and features such as waterproofing and steel toes so ensure you choose the correct ratings for the footwear you need. Discuss with your workers what they need to be both safe and comfortable for events.

☑ Ponchos for Rainy Weather

Have everyone carry foldup ponchos on their person in case the weather gets rainy. Stewards are busy and don’t have time to hold umbrellas so a poncho is a good, lightweight alternative. You can get heavier weight ponchos with branding too if you feel that’s appropriate for your staff.

☑ Branded Polo Shirts

Nothing makes stewards look smarter than high-quality polos with your logo emblazoned on them. You can use polos in the summer or under jackets as part of a smart steward uniform. Some polos have sun protection too!

Find out what XAMAX® offers in the way of bulk buying Polo shirts with free logo embroidery too. Embroidered logos are long lasting and withstand multiple washes, so your stewards can keep them for years.

☑ Last Minute Checks

Make sure you have a list of all of your employee’s locations and their responsibilities. Make sure they are adequately trained to handle any emergency situations, and manage the risks associated. Make sure there are enough staff (always better to have too many than too few) to manage the crowds.

Make sure you have enough first aiders and first aid kits for your crowd size. Ensure fire exits are not blocked, and keep everyone aware of others’ whereabouts to maintain everyone’s safety.

Make sure your stewards are appropriately dressed for the weather and comfortable.