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Increase Your Sales by Branding Your Construction Site

Your construction site is the prime setting to go all-out and make your brand recognisable whilst following construction site regulations. It might not be as simple as placing vinyls and ads in shop windows, but there are plenty of ways of branding a construction site to increase sales. Although customisation plays a big role, there might even be some ideas and suggestions below you may have never thought of. You can brand:

Fencing & Barriers

Construction site branding is inexpensive when it is done correctly. It is an effective way to advertise and increase your sales. Also, it builds your brand recognition.

Most sites have quite a large perimeter, and they are enclosed by something like a temporary fence. These fences and barriers are perfect to use for shade cloth or banners visible to people passing by. Fences surrounding your construction site could be huge, and that is a perfect size and location to act as advertising space for your company.

Since you are required to wrap your fences on most sites with banners or shade cloth, you can use this to your advantage. By spending a little more on branding your fence wraps and/or cloths, you will gain bigger monetary rewards in the long run. Although it is more expensive to use custom printed materials, it helps to put your stamp on the construction site and is a more cost-effective alternative.

With people looking at the banners and your branding whenever they walk past, brand awareness increases all the time.

Image shows construction site fencing


Safety signs are a must in construction branding. Law requires them to be placed both externally to warn the public and internally to keep your workers safe. This is another perfect opportunity to put your stamp on your construction site by adding branding to these safety signs.

It is important to keep it simple otherwise, you could compromise the main message of the sign. The safety message must always be clear, but if you have space on your signs, you should consider adding your company’s logo. This will make your signs unique compared to other construction companies.

Adding your branding and details on signs helps them look a lot more professional while increasing your brand exposure. For instance, if somebody with construction needs is searching for a company, they would be more prone to remembering one where they saw customised signs which had their logo, number or even details placed on them. This is opposed to the usual signs you see on construction sites which hundreds of firms might be using.


Hoarding on Construction sites can fall into the same bracket as fencing and barriers. However, they are much more impressive and visually appealing. It could be worth spending more to proudly show your construction firm in a higher fashion. If you use a vinyl coating on your hoardings, it is a fantastic branding solution that is more solid than a chain-link fence. 

It is more common for hoardings to be used in major cities. You can advertise what it is you are building on site such as offices, hotels, and/or restaurants. However, you can also advertise your construction firm too.

Hoarding is a great way to hide construction sites from the public who walk by. You can showcase your company by using your logo. Also, you can include what the development will look like when you have finished.

This is important as construction sites like yours can be in areas exposed to large numbers of vehicles and pedestrians. They might walk past your hoarding and site on the morning commute every day or they could be sat in busy traffic. Either way, they could spend a lot of time seeing a big hoarding blocking the view of the site, so it is a chance to spend some money and give the people something to look at while increasing your brand awareness and then your sales.

Image shows construction site hoarding


The equipment you and your staff use on your site should be made an integral part of creating company recognition. When you add your construction site branding, such as your company logo, to the equipment you use on site, it makes your company stand out from your competitors. Also, it demands attention and focus.

Also, it is important for you to take into consideration that your machinery and equipment can move to different sites. This will mean that many people will have their eyes on your equipment. It will act as a moving billboard that advertises your business even when they are not being used. Regardless of what equipment you use, adding branding to your construction site equipment can leave an impression as the public will see them.


When you brand your workers’ uniforms with your company logo, it is an effective method to increase awareness and sales. You can make your employees recognisable with your business by picking a consistent colour scheme and font. Also, it gives you freedom to place your logos, slogans, contact details, and any names on the garments you have chosen. These garments could be Hi Vis polo shirts, hi-vis jackets, and/or jumpers.

Like the equipment you are using, those wearing the uniform are also a walking billboard for your construction company. Although most of their time will be spent on-site and behind the fences and hoardings where they will be out of view, you do see workers leaving the site to go for lunch or are on call for service. This is effortless on their part yet still cost-effective. 

Once you have sourced the right supplier, you will receive great advice on what type of workwear you should go for, such as embroidered or printed. For a construction business, printed is the suggested route to go down thanks to the sleek finish you receive on Hi Vis clothing. As it improves the overall quality, you are creating something visually appealing and adding your branding to it will look even better.

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It is important to note that brand awareness cannot happen instantly. It is a process that can take time and continuous reinforcement to get the public to pay attention. By following the methods above, you are bound to raise your awareness and sales in a cost-effective manner. Set your budget, decide what you want to be known for then implement your company branding.