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Is Screen Printing the Correct Technique to Promote Your Company?

Screen Printing creates a professional and clean result however this design technique may not be suitable for your business. Before choosing Screen Print to customise your garments, you need to consider how your design will look and if it is suitable for your work environment.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing involves creating a screen press of the artwork you want to print onto your workwear or business clothing items. For example, this can be your logo or contact information.

This customisation technique involves creating a silk screen press of the artwork you want printing onto your clothing. For example, your logo or contact information.

You can have multiple colours because there are several screen presses on the carousel. 

Our expert printers mix the inks, paints or dyes in the Ink Kitchen to create precise colour matches for your artwork. 

They then press your garment onto a screen and apply the ink, paint or dye.

It takes time to set up the screens, apply the inks and dry the clothing to get a high quality finish. Therefore screen printing can often have a higher per garment cost than other methods such as DTG (direct to garment) and embroidery.

However, the more pieces of clothing you have the better value you will receive. 

image showing screen print operation
Screen print in operation

What Garments can I Screen Print?

One of the first considerations when opting for print application is what garment your will print on.

It is important to know that the ink does not damage your clothes  - the ink meshes with the fibres of the item.

Garments that contain over one layer or ‘skin’ is better suited for screen printing.

Embroidery would damage the clothing or nullify the key attributes of the item such as a jacket being waterproof. 

Businesses often choose screen print to use on items that will have limited use such as promotional campaign clothing.

Image shows garments

When is Screen Printing Best Used?

Printed branding creates a sharp and crisp finish.

Screen Printing is great for casual settings and environments where big, bold branding is appropriate, such as promotional marketing.

You can use this printing technique for a wider range of branding purposes and you can be more creative with your garment customisation.

Screen print allows for sharper detail and precise colour control of your artwork. 

Screen printed branding can incorporate up to 12 colours and is best used on over 100 garments at once.

Image shows XAMAX® logo

How Long Does Screen Printing Last?

This customisable technique is long lasting however it is down to how you use it. 

If your clothing is subject to heavy wash cycles and physical jobs, embroidery is best suited to you. 

Many companies use screen printing on uniforms in retail, construction, leisure and tourism, to name a few. 

Businesses use this customisation method on promotional items too for things like giveaways and for staff to wear during charity or marketing campaigns and events.

XAMAX® guarantee the print will last as long as the garment. 

Image shows alarm clock being held

What do I Need to Consider?

You need to understand which print technique is right for you before choosing.

Screen printing is just one of the many printing techniques such as DTG (direct to garment), applique, vinyl and heat transfer. Each customisation method have different costs and lead times and suit different scenarios.

If long term use is your main concern, embroidery is the most durable customisation technique; but is one of the more costly and cannot be used on all fabric and garment types. Also, it might not suit your branding and setting.

Print is the best choice when looking for a single or limited use garment, such as an event, because it is the most cost effective.

The printing cost is likely to be lower and the amount of wears does not justify the cost of embroidering.

You will find that your full workwear or business clothing order will use a range of customisation techniques. Your experienced account manager will help you choose the best method for each garment.

Please note, ordering your customised workwear in bulk will avoid high item and customisation costs. 

Speak to your specialised account manager if you are in any doubt. Call the number at the top of the page.

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