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Hi Vis Bags

BSiF LogoHigh visibility bags are handy for carrying your personal or work items around, whether it is on the way to and from work at either end of your shift, or if you need to move them between sites whilst you work. They are the perfect accessories for a wide range of different industries in which workers are required to wear high visibility PPE during their shifts, increasing their visibility on site, and further helping towards avoiding or reducing incidents and accidents. They are also ideal for school children or cyclists who need to stand out on gloomy mornings or evenings.

4 hi vis bag products found

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Portwest Quick Release Hi-Vis Rucksack
Excl. Tax: from £27.66 Incl. Tax: from £33.19
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Hi-Vis Yellow
Shugon Seattle Workwear Holdall
Excl. Tax: from £23.98 Incl. Tax: from £28.78
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Portwest Hi-Vis Rucksack
Portwest Hi-Vis Rucksack
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Hi Vis Orange Hi Vis Yellow
Yoko Hi-Vis Rucksack Cover
Excl. Tax: from £4.51 Incl. Tax: from £5.41

4 hi vis bag products found

There are a number of different types of high visibility bags, ranging from tote bags for carrying a few smaller items, through hi vis rucksacks that are ideal for carrying spare clothes, shoes, water bottles, lunch boxes, and more to and from work, to holdalls that can carry a large amount of equipment or clothing, potentially for a team of employees who are working away from a central base and need access to them during their shift.

You will often have the choice between high visibility bag colours, usually between yellow and orange. Most come with reflective tape, which increases visibility even in low-light situations, and the fabric and taping usually meet European safety standards for high visibility workwear.

Some high visibility bags are water resistant, which is a handy feature if you are taking the item onto an outdoor site where it is at the mercy of the elements. If the bag contains clothes for wearing once the shift is finished, personal items such as phones and MP3 players, or spare shoes, being able to keep them dry and safe is a necessity.
On many high visibility bags, there are multiple pockets to provide ample storage for everything you need whilst you are working. External pockets allow easy access to items like water bottles, whilst internal pockets provide a level of security, helping to keep valuable items out of sight. You may also find a phone pocket in hi vis rucksacks that features a hole through which to thread your headphone cable.