Who needs thermal baselayers when you can just add an extra jumper? If you notice an increase in sick days from your workforce, your employees may be unknowingly causing their own colds and illnesses by adding on those extra layers in the winter months.

Extra Layers Causing Colds and Flu?

If the work of your employees is mainly done outside, (such as construction industries, and farming) you may become aware of your workforce struggling to keep up with their tasks because they are focusing on keeping warm and staying protected from the weather.

Not only are extra jumpers and coats bulky and difficult to operate efficiently in, they do not actually maintain as much heat in the body core as we tend to believe.

Too many layers can lead to excessive sweating and natural fibres such as cotton and wool absorb the sweat, making the skin colder, which results in the body cooling down.

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When the body cools, the effectiveness of the body's immune system goes down too.

This can lead to illnesses such as the Common Cold and Flu caused by airbourne viruses being caught and spread more freely amongst employees, and causing more time being spent off work.

Why Are Thermals Beneficial?

Made from a combination of natural fibres and synthetic materials, thermals are lightweight, comfortable and can be worn under the uniform or workwear.

As well as maintaining body heat, thermals transfer sweat (wicking) away from the body. As the fabrics are specially designed to be quick-drying, they can be worn for extended working hours, without becoming uncomfortable.

Unlike work clothing made from cotton, thermal clothing and base layers are designed to allow moisture to be pulled from the body to the exterior of the clothing and be evaporated easier.

Thermal clothing is designed to reduce the cold entering the body. To do this they tend to be cuffed tight around the ankles and wrists to ensure that no heat can escape and no cold air or water vapour can enter.

Depending on the job, thermals are also safer than wearing extra jumpers and coats that can become snagged on hazards or impair safe performance.

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yeah... no.

Thermals act almost like a “second skin” as their lighter weight and flexibility enables free movement and safety is maintained in outdoor work as they remain under the uniform.   

As well as thermals reducing the levels of illness and therefore absenteeism across your employees, morale will also be boosted as workers remain healthy across the winter months and can focus on production rather than adjusting their inessential coats and hats.

Not Sure How To Order Thermals For Large Numbers?

It may seem like a daunting task purchasing the correct styles, sizes and quantities of thermals for your employees. However, selecting a range of samples for your workforce to try will make it easier when ordering as you will know that your employees will be satisfied.

If the main completion of work is outside, then longer sleeved thermal tops and "Long-John" trousers may be more beneficial. However, if your employees are in and out of cold temperatures throughout their shifts then purchasing short sleeved thermals may be better.

You would not need to worry about the colours of the clothes in your order - just choose a neutral colour that everyone will be happy to wear, it will be hidden under the uniform anyway.

As thermals are tight against the skin in order to maintain the heat, they will appear smaller than your ordinary size of clothes. However, if you suggest to your staff to order their normal size they can then wear their uniform on top.

You may not have thought buying thermal clothes would be beneficial to your business, however once purchased, your staff should be able to work through the rain and snow without becoming cold and remain at the same levels of productivity as they would in summer months.

Simple Tips For Ordering Thermal Baselayers

Order staff’s usual size - if you have already ordered uniform, this should be easy. If not, check the size guides alongside each product.

As they are base layers, they will need regular washing. We advise ordering 3 per employee (1 to wear, 1 for washing, 1 for drying) as a minimum.

Choose a neutral colour like black, white or grey to compliment your uniform colour.

Check that the base layers you order are suitable for the winter season.

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