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7 Things To Consider When Buying Security Workwear

Boost your team's authority and keep them comfortable when you bare in mind these factors, whilst choosing security workwear for your team.

Clearly Identifiable

Your security team needs to be clearly and easily identified at all times. Whether it be in case of emergency, such as in the event of a fire evacuation, or in order to deter any would be intruders by their mere presence; their uniform needs to stand out and let everybody know that, yes, they are indeed your security team.

If you have other teams in your workforce who wear a uniform, then the security uniform needs to also differentiate them from each other. The first step is to clearly identify "SECURITY" somewhere on their uniform. This can be done by heat transfer printing, screen printing or embroidery. It depends on the type of clothing chosen and the brand style. Read this blog post about choosing between embroidery or print techniques for your branding.

The other way to differentiate your security workwear from other uniforms is to simply choose the same products in a different colour.

Adaptable - Indoor & Outdoor

But when it comes to choosing your security uniforms and workwear items, think about the demands of your security team's responsibilities. Large times may be spent indoors, behind a desk, monitoring CCTV or the reception entrance. Yet, at other times, they may need to conduct external patrols and maybe at night.

This means you need to choose items which are suitable for patrolling outdoors in inclement weather, warm weather and mixed weather. But you also need to provide items - which still achieves all the other points in this list - which also keeps staff comfortable when they are static and indoors.

Shirts or polo shirts, jumpers or fleeces and outdoor jackets are a good starting point. And they can be complemented by branded trousers and company bought footwear.

Fit For Purpose

This is to make sure that your security workwear is fit for purpose. Not just in terms of comfort - as just mentioned, above - but also in terms of the quality and lifespan of the items.

Our team can advise you if you would like any specific advice or extra help, but you need to avoid wasting spend by either repeatedly buying inferior products or, on the other hand, needlessly spending on over-engineered-for-purpose items - does your security team who spend 0.1% of their shift outdoors need a fully waterproof, Goretex coat?

Likewise, is it worthwhile buying low-cost jumpers which aren't built to last if your staff regularly need to wash them? You could end up spending more in the long run.

Build Authority And Trust

Your security workwear uniforms also need to build authority of the wearers and inspire trust in their fellow employees. Strong colours, combined with military or police influenced design features, work together to associate your security team with an image which is authoritative and trustworthy.

Match Your Brand And/Or Surroundings

But at the same time, your uniform choice should match both your company brand and business premises. For example, have you noticed that security guards at a shared office will wear a neutral colour design which includes a collar and tie? But security at a shopping centre will act as a representative of the centre's management company, complete with branding features and coordinating colours.

Replaceability & Consistency

For various reasons - change of staff, loss, damage, brand change - you may need to replace security workwear items. This presents the need to make sure you maintain a consistent appearance when the new items arrive.

Either make sure you choose items which aren't likely to be discontinued or choose a neutral style which can be mimicked easily in the future.


And consider your budget - not that we need to tell you that of course. Though it is worth highlighting the fact that the cheapest items don't always work out being so in the long run if your team is expected to put them through intense use over a long period of time.

Also, that doesn't mean that choosing the most expensive option is the right decision every time. It may be that the product isn't designed for your security team's uses and, long before the items has reached the end of its lifespan, you may need to replace it due to branding changes, loss or accidental damage.

We offer various options to suit all budgets in each category of uniform and workwear clothing, and our team is on hand to offer advice, if you need it.